The Power of Intention (and another baby photo)

I haven’t had the time for writing recently (this post has taken several days to put together – the little one much prefers me to gaze into her eyes instead of the monitor, and I am quite happy to oblige!), but it doesn’t stop the words tumbling about in my head. I am still trying to write my luc bat poem, and while I keep talking it up, I am wondering now if it is meant to be written. The challenge of trying to find the right words to fit within particular parameters is an enjoyable one, and it is something I just have to take my time over – it has led me to become interested in the idea of intention: how we use our words to evoke in other people the same ideas and feelings that we have.

Words do not become meaningful unless we attach meaning to them. Until we assign a value to them, they are combinations of straight and curved lines on paper, or combinations of sounds in speech. The problem with our language is that no matter what we say or write, we evoke an emotion in other people, and this is what I am struggling with in my luc bat poem: how to choose the right words that portray the meaning that I intend (and within the parameters of the poetry form). I can say words to you and you may receive them and understand them differently to that which was my intention. How do we use words precisely? We don’t, not unless the person being spoken to has a shared experience of our intention: a common understanding. The irony here is that when you share a common understanding with someone – words are not always necessary.

Have you ever experienced goose-bumps when you’ve heard something beautiful? How did you recognise it as beautiful? When we are speaking to another person, or when we sing or play music to them, we are literally touching them. Sound activates our sense of touch – it moves us! This happens because the sound waves we create with our voice or our instrument enter another person’s ear and touches their ear drum, causing vibrations that are converted into sensory information that is interpreted by our brain. This is why music evokes emotion so easily, and why it is important to choose our words carefully. Because of our ability to touch others with our words, I believe it is important to choose words that most closely match our intention. I believe it is important to consider your words before they leave your mouth because in doing so, in speaking from a place of our own truth, I think that we have more of a chance for our words to be received in the spirit and meaning for which they were intended. Are you sharing words with another person that are aligned with your personal truth?

(Now, the key here is – do you know what your own personal truth is?! That one is another journey!!)

This was one of the ideas that became important to me in my work as a kindergarten teacher. In my work I became very aware of how every gesture, every word, every detail in the environment has the ability to create a response in another person. In our early childhood environment we wished to create an environment that nourished and supported children’s growing bodies and imaginations, to create a place where they could feel safe and know the world is a good place. So our use of voice, sound and choice of words became one way of supporting this. I often felt like a priestess, even then, holding this intention for my class of children. I continue this now, as a mother. It is every bit as important.

Oh I have so much to write on this subject – but with such little writing time! I do have time for a quick Linden update though! The little seven-week old is discovering the power of speech now. She has always been a listener – she listens with her whole body, and she makes the sweetest lop-sided grin when you talk to her. She is moving me with her words now, that’s for sure: the effort she puts in to making her ‘ER’ sounds when she chats to us clearly pleases her as much as it pleases us 🙂 She is totally aligned with her personal truth and her meaning to us is clear: Life is Good!

…and for Karisma and Melissa … here is another Linden photo. This photo almost captures the look she often has that makes me feel like she is enjoying some personal joke. It is fuzzy because she won’t be still 🙂


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