Kale Chips

I just had to stop in and write about kale chips! We often find a beautiful big bunch of kale in our veggie box. It is so pretty, such a soft green and all lacey and curly about the edges of the leaves. The stalk is long and very strong and while it looks so nutritious and pretty I never knew what to do with it! Now I don’t hesitate. I like a bit of green in everything I eat now, and kale just gets chopped up and added at the end of the cooking process. It is good to lightly cook your greens and eat them with a little bit of butter. This way you make the most of the nutrients available.

Kale also makes delicious chips, and it is so easy. You rip it up into rough pieces (I have found it best to spend time cutting out the rough stalk in each piece). Then you drizzle a bit of olive oil over – not much – and a sprinkle of salt and then with your hands you gently rub it all over the kale. Then you dry it out. You can put it in your food dehydrator or you can place it on a tray and put it in your oven on the lowest setting until the kale is crunchy and dry but still green.

My children love the kale chips, and I find them just a little bit more-ish! The last time I made them I dried them without oil and salt and then whizzed that up in the food processor to make kale powder to add to green smoothies. Kale is another excellent source of calcium. Hmmm – I feel a post on non-dairy sources of calcium coming up!


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