Progress on the quilt

Well the quilt is not on Rosella’s bed yet!! And that is because I’ve been having other fun with my family on these holidays, but I AM working on it steadily every day. The photos are a bit blurry, but here it is unstitched while I was deciding where the squares would go.

And here it is all stitched together – everything in this quilt has been used before: there is a cut-up embroidered blouse, bits of dress and a pair of purple pants that I made years ago and never wore, fabric from my mum, fabric from my friend Christina, doilies from an op-shop, and left-over bits and pieces form other craft projects. I had some pretty edgings on old pillow cases that I cut off and sewed on to some of the squares, along with the ruffled sleeves of the embroidered shirt.

This patch has a pocket on it for her treasures: it came from a cute little dress she used to wear. I would have put the dress away for Linden but the front of it was pretty grubby. The fabric was just too beautiful to throw away.

This one is a dragonfly I embroidered when Kaelan was a baby. It was intended as a sheet set for his cot, but as he so rarely used his cot it didn’t seem worth finishing!

And here is where I have begun the quilting. I am using a really lightweight quilt from Ikea for the middle part, and an old sheet from my bed as the backing. The quilt is the only thing I have purchased for this quilt … it is synthetic, but washable and it was only $10. A patchwork quilt for $10 … not bad, hey?

One thought on “Progress on the quilt

  1. It looks quite lovely, the colours are some of my favourites. All the quilts in the Carter household were made from clothes that had needed a new life and the backing from sugar and flour bags that were taken apart and reused. Also the the batting was either an old flannette sheet or a wool blanket. I look forward to seeing it when we are down next.

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