The Wise One

I have finally finished my Luc Bat poem  .. and maybe it isn’t finished, but it will do for now. It was inspired by Linden the Listener, but this is a photo of Rosella, who would look right at, and into, your very being -and you knew she was connected to something Greater than all of us. Linden is still there in that place of wisdom, but as she now sits by herself and goes to the places she wants to see, all by herself, and I am seeing her drift away from that place. I guess, in this poem I am trying to say that we are all still connected, and that our life’s work is to remember the things we forgot when we grew up.

The wisdoms of the world:

Compressed within my girl’s deep gaze,

Drifting in the sweet haze

Of all the dreamy days since birth.


She’s arrived on this earth,

Knowing all there is worth to know,

And in her eyes it shows:

From life times long ago, she brings

The ancestral teachings

And angelic blessings of Love.


And the sweet haze, above will lift,

And from Heaven she’ll shift.

And from Wisdom she’ll drift down here,

Forget Love, and learn Fear.

But deep within she’ll hear, always

The Wise One’s voice: it says

“Love comes when the heart prays and sings

And to Fear you’ll find Love clings

Small One, you know these things: you’ll thrive!

Through your life you will strive

To keep Heart’s Love alive and not

To lose what you forgot.”


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