In Gratitude to … my Ergo

I love my Ergo.

It helps me stay close to this little person.

And gives her a view of the world from up high.

Together we can hang out with the big people and have adventures.

Something to help ‘chew things over’

A safe place to experience new things together

A place to get comfy and sleepy, drifting into slumber with the rhythm of mama’s movements.

The Ergo has been the ONLY piece of baby equipment that has made it through all the babies. We don’t own a pram. When my kids are old enough to walk, they walk. If they are tired, the Ergo is a safe, secure and comfortable place to hitch a ride for a while.

And I don’t recommend it, but you CAN wear two at once if the situation calls for it!

Two cranky campers fell asleep in no time.


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