Everybody Has A Story

 I am reading a very beautiful book at the moment. I have borrowed it from someone who forgot to put their name in the front of it – and I can’t remember who loaned it to me … so if it is your book, speak up or I might have to keep it!!

It is worth taking a look at this book … it is a book of many stories entwined into one story. The thread of one person’s life is tangled with that of another. What I love about this book is that the author, Tess Evans, takes the time to gently unravel these threads and roll them back up again neatly, beautifully and respectfully.

Have you ever tried to unravel a big mess of tangled wool? It can be very frustrating! In this book each thread is held carefully, right to the end and each end of the thread is as important and special as the other.

In the beginning, when we meet someone, all we know about them is OUR experience of them. That doesn’t mean we know a person, or the depth of their own experience. Every person has their own story, their own thread – and because we might hold one end of another person’s thread, that doesn’t mean that we know how long it is, or what the other end might look like, even if it stays the same colour or not.

Everything can be looked at through different eyes, and it is worth taking a moment to consider this before we make up our minds about a person and what type of character they are. There most likely be more to it than we would realise.

This book unravels threads of people’s lives and reveals how deep and colourful they are. I really appreciate the reminder that we can’t just tug on people’s threads and expect it to come loose straight away, or at all.


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