Lavendilly on Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond found my post about Rosella’s lotus birth and have used it on their website with a picture of my little Rosella (well, not so little any more!).

It was written in 2009, 2 years after Rosella’s birth and I had to giggle when I read through it again – at the end I had written that I was expecting another lotus birth in july .. well Linden’s birth didn’t work out that way but I NEARLY had permission in the hospital to do a cesearean lotus birth! I was so happy to know that such an idea would even be considered allowable in a hospital environment … however in the end it wasn’t to be and I am not sad about that. Linden’s entry into the world was a confusing one, but she doesn’t seem the worse for it at all ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d be very keen to hear about your experiences with lotus birth – and please let me know if you managed it in hospital!

2 thoughts on “Lavendilly on Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

  1. A timely post as I was just discussing the concept of lotus birthing with my son. His hospital birth was rather traumatic with him not breathing on his own and in distress for quite some time. I pointed out to him that if the cord had not been cut it would have been much easier on him and he was curious to understand how and why. I just showed him the picture of Rosella and he was quite amazed. (he was however grateful that the placenta is in a bag as he is not too keen to see it LOL)

    • Oh no-one is keen to see the placenta but it is surprisingly unremarkable ๐Ÿ™‚ After all the salt there was on it , it looked more like a big piece of jerky than anything else!

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