Two steps forward, one step back!

I wrote previously about starting the GAPS diet as a way to look at healing my eczema. I had a crazy rash on my hand that was driving me insane first of all with itchiness … and then with pain. Within a week of going on the GAPS introduction diet I saw immediate results and the rash on my hand cleared up, just a shadow of where it was. It was just astonishing how quickly it all happened! I was, as you can imagine, totally thrilled.

I haven’t found anything anywhere – in all the GAPS blogs I’ve looked at or books I’ve read – about how long to stay on each stage of the Introduction diet. My assumption was that when you see improvement that you would move on to the next stage, so I did that and began adding raw egg yolks to my soups as per stage 2. It certainly made them more filling and creamier, and I enjoyed that very much! I am really not a fan of raw egg yolks, but mixed thoroughly in the hot (not boiling) soup was just fine.

That same weekend I had contact with a dog (which I am highly allergic to). A sweet and friendly little fluffy thing that I couldn’t help but pat (although I OUGHT to know better by now!!). And also I began making felt again. So when the rash appeared on my hand, and my skin immediately began to split and blister again, I couldn’t really be sure what might have been the trigger.

I do not think I patted the dog with my affected hand, but I am such a sensitive little poppet that just being around the dog would be enough, or touching the furniture where he sat. As for the felting, well just handling the wool sucked all the moisture out of my hands, and then the soap began to irritate my hand where the eczema is, so that could  be the culprit.

To be sure, I’ve gone back to stage one of the GAPS diet for a bit longer, and as I have a HEAP of felting to get through over the next month I am wearing a glove on my hand, which irritates me almost as much as the soap does. I like to use my fingertips when I felt, to FEEL the felt, but if I don’t wear the glove I won’t have any fingertips to feel with!

The eczema is still there but much improved, so I’ll be plodding along on stage one a bit longer yet. On the bright side the other half of our shared household is keen for soups every other night so the family will be on a semi-GAPS diet too. For my family I am going to do my best to reduce the grains, dairy and sugar they consume, which means re-thinking the menu. I have been making my own homemade granola with soaked oats for a while, but even the oats have to go now! It wasn’t until I started GAPS that I realised that I have about five different ways to serve oats for breakfast!

I’ve got a few yummy meal ideas to share with you now though. Never knew eating soup could be so much fun 🙂

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