Mr Wiggle and Mr Wiggle … and Nadia!

One of my favourite stories is Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle – you don’t need any props for this one, it can be told anywhere at anytime and has saved me at many awkward moments: when tired and overwrought children need a moment to calm down, whilst waiting (an insanely long time) to see the doctor, and of course it is a bedtime favourite too.

I have written down the story as I know it HERE. I learned it while I was at uni doing my Early Childhood Education training, and I’ve changed it a bit over the years and made it my own. Actually I change it every time I tell it because Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle DO get a bit tired of going up and down those hills to visit each other so sometimes they go somewhere else and have other adventures.

I’ve been asked to video it so that people can learn it easier, but for lack of appropriate equipment I haven’t done that yet. I did manage to perform something on my phone camera – but the phone went for a swim in the washing machine – oops! So that one is lost forever now. Fortunately, however, my friend told me that she found a youtube clip of Nadia Sunde, a local Gold Coast singer and radio personality, doing Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. Hooray! Her version is quite exuberant and lots of fun, different to the way I tell it, but I was full of giggles watching it. Have a look!

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