Lavendilly House on Facebook


I’ve been a part of the Facebook community for a long time now. There are times it tends to take over a bit, and I swear I will not go on ever again, and then I miss my connections and friends and the  support of a community that I can reach at any time. Like it or not, Facebook really has changed the nature of relationships and so long as I remember that it is a public meeting space I am happy to have it a part of my life. As a mother, Facebook has allowed me to reach out to my friends at times when I have felt stuck at home with my little ones, reminding me that I AM a valued member in my family and circle of friends, even if I am unable to spend much physical time with them. As a business, Facebook has helped me share and celebrate my skills with a wider community of interested people. I’ve ‘met’ so many new people and business owners, learned many things and had many laughs with people I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet before.

I’m good at, and interested in, so many different things, and have had a page on Facebook for each of them. I’ve also been maintaining a variety of blogs and have a handful of other projects going on this year. It is just one of those things I do. Too many lovely ideas and too many great ways of expressing them!! Gets a bit hard to handle after while, particularly when my philosophy is FAMILY FIRST. 2011 has been a quiet year for business and creative expressions for me for this reason. I am not sure 2012 will be much better, but hopefully more organised!

SO my point is that I now have a new page on Facebook: LAVENDILLY HOUSE, which will replace all my old pages (except for Sacred Essence!), some that I haven’t updated for a long time. LAVENDILLY HOUSE will encompass everything I do, and among the rooms in Lavendilly House you will find one for celebrations, ceremonies, dolls, felting, parenting, children … I just can’t separate them anymore. These things are all parts of a whole, all part of the bigger picture that is Lavendilly House. So please join me on Facebook. I am having competitions every week until the end of February. This week you can enter to win the felted mat pictured.  You have to like the page and leave a comment on the picture for one entry. You can have another entry if you refer a friend (and they like the page and say who sent them). It is drawn on Saturday 31st December at 8am – good luck!!



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