Making Waldorf Dolls: the Inner Head

These instructions are basic to make any Waldorf doll, however they have been written for you to use specifically with your Lavendilly Doll Kit. The photos were taken by my friend from Mama JoiedeVivre. I always start with the head when I begin a doll. It takes the most amount of work, so anything after this feels super easy! Not that making the head is challenging, but it takes time and patience. The doll head keeps its shape for a lot longer the firmer you make it. So don’t be afraid to roll that fleece into the tightest ball you can! Over time the fleece felts (with all the cuddling the doll gets!), which compacts and shrinks the stuffing, so to reduce the risk of the head and face changing shape then it is good to have it nice and firm to begin with.
Take the fleece for the head and begin rolling it very tightly into a ball. It must be very tight and should not have much ‘give’ in it when you squeeze it. It is important to have a very firm foundation for the head so that it will hold its shape well when we begin the process of shaping the head.
If you have a felting needle, you can use this to hold the fleece in place, and to make the ball a bit firmer on the outside too. This step is not essential, but does make it easier.

When you are certain that the ball you have rolled is firm enough then take two lengths of fleece, long enough that about 10cm hangs down when you drape it over the ball. Cover the ball with these two lengths of fleece, crossed over each other.
      Now pull over the ‘Inner Head’. This is the tubular bandage or 2nd head piece that you have in the kit (it may be a different colour or made with re-claimed fabric). It is sewn at one end.  Make sure it is turned right-side out, with the stitching in the inside. Now gently ease this over your fleece-covered ball.
Open up the fleece you wrapped over the head and stuff inside this space very firmly with more fleece. This will make up the neck and chest and it is really important to have this section very firmly stuffed so that the head of your doll will not wobble when it is finished.
Now take a length of the linen thread and tie the neck, just under where you can feel the ball of fleece you made first. This tie should be pretty tight, but you should also feel firmness in the neck. If you think the neck will be wobbly, add more fleece now. Better to have more fleece than not enough. You still want to have a clear definition of the ball for the head, though; otherwise your  doll will have a thick neck and no chin!
Now you can sew up the bottom of the inner head to stop your fleece escaping while you continue working. Fold the edges over each other and use any stitch you like to hold them in place. The stitching does not have to be pretty, but it should hold the fabric neatly and without too many lumpy bits.

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