Get in the Flow with a Do-It-Yourself Meditation

To get you in the “flow” of creativity for this month’s theme over at Sacred Essence, and to begin creating so that you can enter our giveaway this month, I’ve shared with you the meditation we experienced at our last circle.

If you are like me, then you might find guided meditations easier to follow than relying on your busy mind to create the images and stories for you while you are relaxing. It is a great skill to learn, to discipline your mind while relaxing your body, but if you are just starting out then you might like to read this meditation out loud and record it on your mobile phone. Speak it slowly and clearly, allow spaces between sentences to let your mind create the images of the story as it unfolds. You can even play some relaxing music in the background while you are recording your voice, and voila, you have your own meditation track to play to yourself. Let go of any inhibitions you have about your recorded voice … the purpose of this exercise is not to analyse our imperfections (we ALWAYS sound different when recorded!) but to enter the spirit of the story, and let ourselves flow …


written by Jennifer McCormack, February 2012

Think for a moment about where you want to go. What is your destination? Your goal or your dream becomes a place where you can visit, a place that you are moving towards. Can you clearly see it? Do you want to go there? Do you believe you can get there?

Beside you flows a river, and tied up to a tree on the shore is a canoe, bobbing up and down and waiting for you to step into it. Walk up to the canoe, step inside and balance yourself. Reach over and untie the canoe from its mooring to set it free.

There is a paddle in the canoe. You pick it up and begin to stroke through the water. You are feeling excited about the journey ahead, of the experiences you will have along the way towards reaching your destination. You begin paddling happily, enjoying the sound of the water, looking around you, relaxing into the rhythm of paddling.

The going is hard though. After a while of paddling, it feels like such hard work. You are using a lot of strength to move the canoe through the water with your paddle and you are moving forward slowly. You can see your destination clearly and you know the route to take, but it is taking more time to get there than you thought it would. You are feeling a bit bored with the journey but you keep paddling forward.

More time passes as you paddle towards your destination, and still you do not feel any closer to the end of your journey. Boredom is now replaced by worry. What if you can’t get there? Why is it taking so long? You are concerned that you will be too tired to make the long journey ahead at the pace you are going now. Worry is replaced by anxiety and you grip your paddle hard. You put more strength into your paddling but it is tiring and you feel like you are starting to go in circles in the river.

There are no obstacles in your way, and the river is not so shallow that you cannot glide over the riverbed. You know you can get to where you are going, but you will be exhausted if you continue at this rate, and you are starting to lose interest in getting there at all. It seems like you are getting caught in every whirlpool and snagged on every branch. There is something preventing your progress, making it hard for you to move forward. Perhaps you are tangled in some weed? You look over the side of the canoe and you see some bags tied to the side of the canoe, dangling in the water. You lift one and it feels heavy, so you untie it and let it drop into the river.

The bag sinks down to the riverbed and settles there. You feel a little lighter in your canoe, and you are moving little faster. You begin to feel a little excitement about your journey. You check if there is anything else weighing you down and you see a few more bags so you reach over, untie them and let them drop to the riverbed. They disappear into the sand.

The canoe is moving steadily now, and the paddling takes little effort to move you forward. Now you look again toward your destination and see it shining in front of you. It feels like your canoe is now moving of its own accord and your boredom, worry and anxiety has gone, sunk to the bottom of the riverbed with the weights that were slowing your progress.

Now it seems as if you do not even need to use your paddle. The current of the river has picked you up and is flowing with you towards your destination. You flow around rocks in the river, and other obstacles that appear before you. You can sit back now, relaxed in your canoe, but you keep looking forwards to where you want to go, because it is as if your thoughts are guiding your canoe now that it is moving freely. You are in control. Your paddle is now the extension of your thoughts and you are using it to guide your canoe to keep you in track.

Now you have nothing to do except stay focused, relaxed and enjoy the journey, flowing with the energy of the water and the air to a new experience of your heart’s desire…


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