Learning to Read

My son and my husband were looking through some bits and pieces together and my son brought over a badge he’d found, wanting to know what it said (it said WATER). He’s just getting the idea of reading now – his school has an excellent and unique emergent reading program – and usually he’s quite switched on and keen to find ways to work out what the words say – but we don’t always have good days. He gets 10 points for sticking at it (and so does my husband!)


K: what does this badge say dad?

D: you can read it… turn it up the right way

D: what is this word?

K: W…A….T…

D: good now what about the two end letters?

K: R….

D: try again..

K: E…R

D: that’s right, now put them together and say it all at once.

K: w..o..t……r……

K: I can’t do it

D: yes you can. Let’s look at the picture, what is the person doing?

K: Swimming

D: that’s right, now where do you swim?

K: In a pool or a creek

D: OK, what is in a pool?

K: Toys

D: what else?

K: chemicals

D: right, ummmm, where do you put the chemicals?

K: in a bucket

D: OK, then what do you do with them?

K: mix them up

D: Ummm, righto…

D: What is in a pool and a creek and the beach?

K: Rocks and sand

D: Yessss, errr, ummmm, what is falling from the sky right now?

K: Rain

D: Yes, and what is rain made of?

K: Water

D: Great! Now what is this word?

K:  wait    r

D:  good now say it all at once fast

K: Wait  r

D: try water

K: water

D: well done, now you can read.

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