Fairy Mushroom Muffins

These are my take on the sweet little party mushroom cupcakes … with the icing that my housemate describes as a “service to humanity”.

These little sweeties are made with the Persimmon, Pear and Pecan Muffins of my last post, together with the Cashew Cream Icing that I used in the post about the Grain-Free Banana Bread. To make it red though, I added beetroot.

I’ve tried beetroot juice in icing before. To me, despite the sweetness, it still takes like beetroot and this gives an earthy and slightly bitter taste to the icing, which I find a bit yuk. So this time I roasted four little beetroots in coconut oil until they were soft and their sweetness was concentrated, then they were mushed up a bit and blended really really really well into the cashew cream to give it the lovely deep colour. Not quite red, but a very dark pink that can be forgiven for not being red because it is so tasty.

The dots on the mushrooms are slivered almonds.

This was a do-it-yourself exercise at playgroup: I made the muffins first, and the children could ice them and put as many spots on as they liked. Sadly I was away this day, and there didn’t appear to be any leftovers … lucky that I kept aside a stash of beetroot and cashew cream icing for myself … it’s pretty good on top of anything, really!


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