Recipe: Blueberry Crostata

This recipe caught my eye on Pinterest. Click on the picture above for the link to the original post. I love recipes that look simple and are also simple to make. This one is basically a pie crust and blueberries. Can’t go wrong!

I made my pie crust with spelt flour and coconut oil, which made it a bit crumbly … but still very delicious. I used maple syrup instead of sugar, left out the flour (instead I kind of mashed the blueberries a little bit after they were cooked so they all stuck together in the crust better) and I used dabs of coconut oil on top of the blueberries instead of butter.  It was really delicious! I managed to save a slice to take a photo of.


I love the rustic look of it too. Can’t you picture yourself on the couch, wrapped up in a snuggly blanket eating hot crostata with cream?


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