Celebrating Play: Investigate – Plan – Create

Today’s post is a guest post from my eight-year-old son Kaelan. He’s been sick for a week now, but I knew he was better when he was lying on the couch looking at a pile of felt circles I had been cutting out.  He asked me what they were for and I replied that I wasn’t sure yet – I just didn’t want to waste my scraps and they were too bulky to store so I was cutting them into shapes that I could use later. He was staring at them so intently, and about 10 minutes later he got up to do some drawing. About half an hour later he came back with a big grin on his face, and two pages of visual instructions:


This is the kind of stuff we did in high school art classes: visualise the concept, plan it out and then create it. Can you work it out? I was so impressed with his conceptual layout of the process!

1) Tie a knot on the end of your thread

2) Thread the needle

3 – 9) add circles of varying diameters

10) use your (left-handed) scissors to cut the thread

11) tie a knot on the end

12) your finished item should be a stack of circles from largest to smallest.

He drew this plan yesterday but due to being so sick he was too tired to test out his instructions. Today, however he was very keen, and here is the result:


I think they will look really lovely on our Christmas tree this year! In the meantime we’ll hang them in some place where we can appreciate them. His sister said, “Kaelan that’s pretty awesome”. Perhaps in a gesture of appreciation he then continued to make her a felt story mat, and his littlest sister a little felt kite. Felt scrap craft turns out to be a great way to convalesce (and it solves the problem of what to do with all those little pieces I was hoarding).

The story mat with pond, lily pads and two boats

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Play: Investigate – Plan – Create

  1. What a lovely boy he is, making those for his little sisters. And very clever too planning out that little project. The end result looks great. 🙂

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