Celebrating Transformation

Two years ago I dedicated myself to the task of transformation – the journey of my own becoming. To be aware of the learning opportunities that come my way, however painful, mundane or joyful they may be, and to use these experiences to walk a step further along my journey home to Self.

This weekend the Goddess Association of Australia hosts their annual conference, with the theme of transformation. I am so very sorry that I am unable to attend this year – however instead I will be stepping forward on my journey of transformation as I co-host our Effective Parenting Weekend at Silkwood with my friend and colleague Melissa Joss. Transformation is our work now 🙂

To the women and men who are attending the Goddess Conference this year, I offer you my blessings for an amazing weekend together, and I would like to share with you my dedication to self that I made two years ago :


Serpentine Sister Initiation, June 19 2010

 I have been lifted with wings on my feet. I have been dissolved into the ether of the Muse’s finest imaginings, where I have received the gift of words.

 I have descended into the womb-tomb of Bone Mother, where I have been picked clean and laid bare, only to emerge once more, dressed in The Empress’s robe of simplicity, wisdom, joy, maturity and majesty, and clutching within my palm the seeds of the Reaping Queen – seeds for me to nurture, to take responsibility for and make something of.

 I have embodied the Weaver as I enjoyed fits of giggles and long heart-wrenching sobs. I have learned to weave moments of stillness within the moments of madness and to constantly review my boundaries and revise my intentions.

 I carry a sword by my side, together with my pen.

Both I use to clear my path, that I may see in front of me clearly with the eyes of the Lady of Prophecy.

 I have merged into the body of the natural world and heard the voices of Shamanka Woman and my Ancestral Mothers – my roots – in my blood, and in my body. Always a part of me, and always present as my Blood Keepers.

 I know the Sorceress’s power of alchemical transformation in form and soul and spirit and I dedicate myself to this – to the study of Goddess Alchemy – that I may continue to weave my way, to learn new skills and find the courage to stand in the face of the Unknown of my past, present and future.


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