Craft: Home made Water Colour Paints

These watercolour paints were another great idea I found – the instructions are here at Happy Hooligans, which is a really great blog to visit. It was really simple to make, and also a really lovely thing to do with my three children who were not up to much activity after being sick from a horrible virus during our holidays. We had all the ingredients right there in our kitchen cupboard too, so they are completely non-toxic, but I wouldn’t recommend eating them 🙂

We doubled the recipe (so that we had enough so everyone could stir something) and set the watercolours in two ice cube trays. These trays have lids, so we can put the paints away for later on.

We used liquid food colouring – perhaps a bit too much because it took a while to set – but I think it turned out brilliantly! The colours are clear and vibrant, the paint goes on the paper really well and the bicarb in it makes it set with a sparkly sheen. Which, according to my 2-year-old, is just as pretty on clothes and skin, as well as on paper.


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