A Birthday Present In a Jar

We were recently invited to a little girl’s 4th birthday celebration. Oooh! We were looking forward to it for weeks, but of course left the actual gift to the last minute! The intention was to make a fairy peg-doll to go with a little book of fairy poems from our own bookshelf that my daughter so generously wanted to gift her friend. However that same day we were also having my son’s 8th birthday celebration in the afternoon and in the preparations for that, the little gift was forgotten.

It’s ok though! We know how much 4 year olds love to make things by themselves, so we put everything she needed to make her peg-doll fairy into a jar: two peg dolls, ribbons, lace, some bits of fleece. Then we wrote a little card to explain what it was for, and slipped that in the jar with all the bits. With a lace doily to top the jar we thought it was very pretty! My daughter thought it would be nice to make one for herself too 🙂

We like to wrap our gifts in little draw-string bags made from scrap fabric. These can be used again to hold all kinds of treasures and is part of the gift itself. What else could you put in a jar for a present?

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Present In a Jar

  1. this is such a great idea. We have a 3rd birthday to attend on the weekend and the birthday girl may be a little young for this but I really love. Will definitely do it soon. Thanks for sharing.<3 . Also would you mind telling me where that beautiful yarn around the jar came from?

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