Advent Week 3: Story

This is the third part of the Nativity story, as told with the Four Kingdoms. The first two stories tell the blessings of the Mineral Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. This week Mary and Joseph discover the blessings of the living creatures around them. There is one more story after this one – the completion of the Advent journey.

Rosella and DOnkeyWM


Written by Jennifer McCormack

Mary and Joseph have travelled far on their way to Bethlehem

With the gifts of God and Mother Earth forever blessing them.

The landscape softened to help them pass, crystals lit hope at night,

They found nourishment on roadsides and flowers blooming bright.

They collected healing herbs, gathered roots and offered up their thanks.

And still they journeyed, with their Donkey, along tracks and river banks.

Donkey carried Mary and the Holy Infant, still yet unborn,

He walked all day, steady and strong, and rose early every morn.

It was his joy to serve with love, to carry our tired Mary,

To keep them safe and take their load ’till the end of their journey.

Each morning as the sun arose the birds gave their gift of song

And each day to keep them company the birds flew right along.

They showed Joseph and Mary where to find the best ripe food

And sang so sweetly to the travellers about all that is good.

The bees danced on the flowers, so busy and funny

They showed the way back to their hive where they shared sweet honey.

They were getting closer to Bethlehem, and on their way down,

They began pass through some friendly villages and towns.

The children came to greet them, and their dogs guided them through,

And showed them all the houses and all they could do.

They swapped supplies for fresh eggs and nourishing, creamy milk,

And visited the markets to marvel at the silk.

That night as they lay wrapped in their blankets of warm wool,

They lay in comfort, feeling rested, blessed and grateful.

“We give gratitude to the living things with whom we share this land

Who each have their own gifts, whether humble or grand.

We thank the birds and animals for their company,

For their work and their devotion, and for their loyalty.

For gifts of milk, wool and silk, the bees for their honey,

For caring for the world around, and caring for me.”

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