Birth: The Birth Dance

mother and child

The Birth Dance

written by Jennifer McCormack, 2007

The sun and the moon, the planets and stars all heard your angel call.

They sung you a bridge, that you may dance to earth from your celestial hall.

Your father and mother heard your life song and prepared a heavenly home on earth.

A soft loving space to experience the world until you are ready to birth.

Your heart and your mother’s, your blood and hers, carry the beat of your song.

Together you move and dance to the rhythm – you dance and so you grow strong.

When you and your father and mother are ready to embrace one another in love,

the sun, moon, planets and stars dance joyfully from above.

The tune of your song plays loud in your ears, your mother moves in anticipation –

and when you dance your way into her arms, the whole world bursts with celebration!

All of your family has heard your life song and they’ve sung together for ten moons.

May you always dance to your own special tune, that is our wish for you.

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