Recipe: Chicken Nuggets – grain free

20130327_173606This is a meal that my children took a little while to like, but it is now one of our favourites. It only took a while because we’ve not eaten much crumbed food, apart from the very occasional fish and chips (but they usually only eat the chips).

The home-made chicken nuggets are now one of our favourites, mine especially because they are so good to put in lunch boxes too, and because they make for a tasty, simple dinner that can be easily served up with roasted veggies or a fresh salad.

They are also good to cook in advance and keep in the freezer for re-heating.

I love a meal that can be stock-piled.

I recommend chicken thighs rather than breast meat because the breast meat tends to dry out, the coconut flour also soaks up a bit of moisture so the thighs are a little more juicier for this recipe.

Chicken Nuggets


3 Chicken Thigh Fillets

coconut flour

2 eggs

full cream milk

almond meal



coconut oil


Slice the chicken thighs into little bite sized pieces. Whisk the eggs and a splash of milk together so they are mixed well, set aside in a bowl.

Prepare another bowl with coconut flour in it – and another with the almond meal, salt and a sprinkle of herbs that you like.

 Dip the chicken pieces, one at a time into coconut flour and shake off excess.

Dip into the egg, use a fork to turn the chicken pieces so you don’t get drippy hands. Use the fork to drop the coated chicken into the almond meal mixture. Completely coat the chicken.

Now you have a choice: you can shallow-fry the chicken in coconut oil or you can bake it in the oven. The coconut four does tend to suck up a bit of moisture so I prefer to cook the nuggets in the pan … or both! Heat up the oil and cook them so the coating is golden either side, and then finish them in the oven, so that the chicken is cooked through.

Serve with a fresh salad and home-made tomato sauce / relish / sauerkraut / whatever dressing you choose.

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