Spontaneous Storytelling in a Group

I love ALL stories,  but I do from time to time like to vary from traditional fairy tales and our well-loved stories that we tell over and again. Sometimes though, I just don’t have any ideas of my own. Today was one of those days. It was glorious at playgroup today – this wonderful winter sunshine turned on a hint of summer today – we were all outside in our hats and singlet tops and bare feet really enjoying every moment of this magic day. I didn’t want to think about a story to tell the group today and I’d been so busy throughout the week that I hadn’t given any time to dreaming up some new stories.

So today we made one up on the spot as a group. It was fun! We sat outside under the shady trees on some picnic blankets together and picked an items from a variety of objects I had put in a pillow case. We sat with our item for a bit, thinking about its potential, looking at it with new eyes, stretching what we knew to be ‘true’ of this object, then we began to talk.

Our story today involved a knitted lady (wearing a sling), a needle felted figure with a cloak and a diamond, two tiny dolls (that just so happen to fit inside the knitted lady’s sling), a length of plaited wire with shiny beads threaded on, a long seed pod, a short seed pod and a doily.

What story would you make up with these objects? It’s best really not to think about it too much, just to open your mouth and the story come out. One person began the story with their item and then we took turns introducing the object we had and developing the story. Sharing a story with other adults is delightful because while you think you may know what is going to happen next, another person always has a wonderful idea that you hadn’t thought of!

Would you like to read our story?

I will write it down and post it soon 🙂



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