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I’ve been a part of the Facebook community for a long time now. There are times it tends to take over a bit, and I swear I will not go on ever again, and then I miss my connections and friends and the  support of a community that I can reach at any time. Like it or not, Facebook really has changed the nature of relationships and so long as I remember that it is a public meeting space I am happy to have it a part of my life. As a mother, Facebook has allowed me to reach out to my friends at times when I have felt stuck at home with my little ones, reminding me that I AM a valued member in my family and circle of friends, even if I am unable to spend much physical time with them. As a business, Facebook has helped me share and celebrate my skills with a wider community of interested people. I’ve ‘met’ so many new people and business owners, learned many things and had many laughs with people I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet before.

I’m good at, and interested in, so many different things, and have had a page on Facebook for each of them. I’ve also been maintaining a variety of blogs and have a handful of other projects going on this year. It is just one of those things I do. Too many lovely ideas and too many great ways of expressing them!! Gets a bit hard to handle after while, particularly when my philosophy is FAMILY FIRST. 2011 has been a quiet year for business and creative expressions for me for this reason. I am not sure 2012 will be much better, but hopefully more organised!

SO my point is that I now have a new page on Facebook: LAVENDILLY HOUSE, which will replace all my old pages (except for Sacred Essence!), some that I haven’t updated for a long time. LAVENDILLY HOUSE will encompass everything I do, and among the rooms in Lavendilly House you will find one for celebrations, ceremonies, dolls, felting, parenting, children … I just can’t separate them anymore. These things are all parts of a whole, all part of the bigger picture that is Lavendilly House. So please join me on Facebook. I am having competitions every week until the end of February. This week you can enter to win the felted mat pictured.  You have to like the page and leave a comment on the picture for one entry. You can have another entry if you refer a friend (and they like the page and say who sent them). It is drawn on Saturday 31st December at 8am – good luck!!


Most peaceful workshop ever …

Usually after a workshop I am absolutely shattered.

After a shocker of a day with over-tired children yesterday, and a frantic clean-up of the house this morning I was NOT looking forward to the first day of the April Portrait Felting Workshop … but it turned out to be the BEST, most peaceful workshop ever.

I feel rejuvenated. I feel so very calm and so very centered. I feel energised.

This is because I allowed the creative process to unfold in the time it needed, and because I was in the presence of three peaceful creatrixes who just got down to it and created!

Read more about it at Lavendilly Fibre Arts, and stay tuned for photos! Part 2 of the workshop will be next week.

Sacred Essence this Monday

A Sacred Essence night is happening again this coming Monday evening:

Come to Sacred Essence!

Melissa will stretch, energise and revitalise our connections with our body and inner self through yoga and meditation.

I take you on a journey searching for “The crone’s eyes”….while (for a change!) you are the one who relaxes and listens. It is not a traditional tale but is very well written, as if it is a centuries old fairy story and is full of deeper meaning for each of us. I was captivated when I came across it.


And finally, we will end the night creatively with a bit of needle felting to bring our experiences together in a healing, nourishing, pictorial way.

I”m looking forward to it! There is something for the mind, body and the spirit.

There are lots of ways to nourish creativity in your life.

Monday 8th March, 7pm sharp – 9:30pm

Moonlight Prep Room

Silkwood School, 39 Shepherd’s Hill Lane, Mt Nathan

$20 for the evening or $45 for three sessions.

All welcome

0401442455 for bookings

Yum yum!

Today’s job was to upload all the colours of merino and corriedale fibres on to my Lavendilly Fibre Arts website.

Mmm! I am drooling!

The colours are so yummy-sounding, it sure works up an appetite for felting!

I have most of them in stock right now and I just love looking at all the beautiful rolls of fleece in my workroom.

One day I’ll be able to display them as if they were in a lolly shop … which is where they belong!!

The new face of Lavendilly Fibre Arts

I’ve spent the whole day slogging it out in blog-land today … and although it is certainly not my favourite past time I am happy with the results!

Please go and have a look at my ‘new-look’ Lavendilly Fibre Arts Blog.

I have added Pay-Pal buttons to the site to make it easier to book your place in my felting and doll-making workshops.

I am wondering how to transfer my fleece sales to this blog too … there must be a way!

In the meantime fleece is still available for sale at Lavendilly Fibre Arts Shop.

Menstruation Mat

Today I made a Menstruation Mat – a beautiful round mat to honour the daughter of a friend who will soon make her passage into Womanhood.

Her mother asked me to make it and intends to embellish it together with her daughter in an intimate home-crafted celebration.

This mat is truly blessed already with the spirit of sisterhood, as another two friends kept me company today and helped to make the mat.

What a lucky young lady to be held in such esteem at this transition point in her life!

Ceremonies of Sister Hood MUST become a ritual of our times. We must begin to share the knowledge that has been lost between women – the celebration of our bodies as unique and wonderful (WONDER-FULL!). I am so excited for this young lady that I am almost (but not really) wishing Rosella’s infancy and childhood away so that I can begin preparing a ceremony for her too 🙂

The mother of this young woman will be creating her own special ceremony for her daughter, however Sister Blessings are a ceremony that I offer as part of my Celebrant services. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit Ceremonies With Spirit.

Fortnightly Felting at Lavendilly House

I am offering a more convenient and affordable series of workshops for next term:

Fortnightly Felting at Lavendilly House

Nuno – Resist – Hats – Slippers – Bags – Wall Hangings – Meditation Mats – Play Mats – Needle Felting

I used to offer fortnightly felting on a pay-per-project basis the year before last and it was lots of fun and very casual.

This time I am offering every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, over TERM 2 ONLY (!), for a term fee.

You will be able to:

– choose the projects you wish to work on
– have access to a wide range of fleece colours
– bring your children (under 5 years of age – places are limited and must be booked)
– work with company (felting is so much more fun this way!)
–  make at least four projects for the price of three

For details and bookings please visit my Lavendilly Fibre Arts Blog

Felt-Making with pockets

On Sunday I facilitated a Basic Felt-Making workshop at a peaceful home in The Gap.

It was a creative, quiet, child-free morning together and with such a small group we could proceed at our own pace, with  lots of time to spend laying out our fleece and planning our designs.

We all decided to make mats with resist pockets in them, either for play, or store special treasures.

For a ‘how-to’ lesson on felting with resist pockets, please visit my post at my Lavendilly Fibre Arts Blog for pictures and details.

Photos from an LH reader for giveaway prize!

Suzana, a teacher in Croatia has been following my blog and has sent in these wonderful images of her felting.

These are ladybugs made by wet felting balls, first with white wool, then red over the top. The balls were cut in half and at the end they were needle felted. These ladybugs are used as puppets for the children in Suzana’s kindergarten. I would never have thought of this! Thanks for sharing Suzana!

In the second picture Suzana shares her Fairy puppet, which is painted silk for the body, and the head was stuffed with wool and wrapped with cotton fabric in skin color. This puppet was part of the puppet actors in the play “The Girl from Rosemary”, a folk story from Croatia.

Here we have Suzana’s first attempt at wet felting and framework with the branches of olive trees from her yard.

This last picture shows Suzana’s girls and bunny which were her first attempt at needle felting. The basis is white sheep wool with a thin layer of colored wool over the top, painted with the colors for dying eggs. These special ones are kept in her daughter’s room.

Suzana will be hosting an easter bunny needle felting workshop soon. I do hope you send in some photos. Thank you so much for sharing these Suzana, an angel felting kit will be on its way next week, winging its way across the seas to you in Croatia!