Sacred Essence Monday 12th

It is time for our monthly dose of sacred women’s work!!  Sacred Essence is on again – but more than likely without me 🙂 Maybe I’ll pop along as a participant for a change!! In the light of my last post I urge you to go along for some nurturing ‘ME’ time.

Melissa has sent out this message about our next circle :

Our next circle will be held this coming Monday 12th July, 7pm at our usual
venue – Moonlight Prep Room, Silkwood School, Mt Nathan.

With Jen awaiting the arrival of their third beautiful child in this very
same week, I will be flying solo this time round.

I thought it fitting therefore, that we take the opportunity to honour
ourselves for all the challenges we take on!… and spend a little time
working on our feelings of empowerment.

Join me in song, yoga, meditation
and creative arts on this evening of self nourishment!  It is promised to be
a night to commune with your fellow sisters, to relax, as well as uplift and rejuvenate your soul!

Please send me a reply email or text if you would like to come.

Cost is $20
per evening or three for $45.
BYO yoga mat, cushion and warm shawl/blanket.  All materials and
refreshments provided.

Feel free to pass this on to friends and family who may be interested.

Warmest wishes,

Happy Home-maker #1 – Composting

I attended a biodynamics workshop last weekend, one that encouraged us to fuse the principles of biodynamics with the principles of early childhood education, family life, and life in the garden. Not so hard and very exciting to be a part of!

It was a low-key workshop, but everyone who participated left feeling fulfilled with good food, great ideas, wonderful company and a newfound sense of community. Never before have I attended a workshop with so many follow-up communications from ALL the participants! Already there are plans to share plants and help with each other in their gardens and kitchens … and delight in each other’s success with cooking! This is what biodynamics encourages!

Sharing wisdoms.


Building up beauty.


We began our first day by scrounging around the area for materials to make a big compost for the garden at Finger Prints Children’s Centre, where the workshop was held. 

Beginning with large, rough garden materials at the base to encourage the flow of air, we alternated layers of vegetable scraps, cow manure, weeds and other green matter, chicken poo and lots of water. The whole thing was covered with a blanket of sugar cane mulch, sprinkled liberally with biodynamic preparation 507 and then before it was left to do its thing, the final ingredients were added: specially rolled balls of worm castings encasing 1 gram each of biodynamic preparations. 

originally uploaded at

These were brought out on a silver tray as if they were to be presented for a tea party, and naturally this, and the ritual that followed appealed to my inner Priestess immensely 🙂 Prior to each preparation being buried in the compost mound, our workshop facilitator, Sandra Frain, discussed the qualities of each and the unique gifts they would contribute to the processes of the compost. Each preparation works strongly with a particular soul energy, planet, mineral and body organs, and given this information the person who was placing the preparation in the mound decided on the best place to bury it. 

The compost mound was built up like a compass needle, lying North/South, the wide sides exposed like solar panels to absorb the morning and afternoon sun. After it was built (with help from everyone who attended), the compost was likened to a human body, and the preparations were buried in places considered to approximate the body organs each preparation represented.


After a lovely great splash of water  – flicked and sprinkled, rather than poured, to ensure that the energy carried within the water was not lost – the compost heap was all wrapped up in a blanket of sugar cane mulch, cosy at the bottom of the garden. All there is to do now is to let it lie and soak up the sun. Inside that blanket all the little creatures of the earth will do the job of breaking the compost down into moist humus. No need to turn, no need to wake it up and disturb it with prickly pitch forks! I just loved the way Sandra painted pictures for us with her words.

At the end of the workshop we gathered around the compost and held hands. We sang Allelujah to the compost and honoured the work it does to sustain life and good health. A verse was read before we all tip-toed off up the hill to the tunes of “Spiky-Faced Bindy Man” – but that is another story!!

Later that evening I reflected on the day, and realised that I already knew all of this about compost making. It isn’t difficult to understand, or to create, and although I didn’t know about the wonderful biodynamic preparations before, I have watched my mother make compost all my life.  I have internalised the process. Indeed I have never felt truly comfortable tossing vegetable scraps in the bin when I have experienced my mother lovingly burying them within the compost at the back of the house, and then seeing (and smelling!) the lovely dark brown earth that had been magicked out of garden ‘rubbish’ be put to use in our beautiful garden. I remember feeling the intense heat from the compost rising from the mound and radiating outwards while it was ‘cooking’ – and I remember my amazement at the fact that all the little creepy crawlies could live – no, thrive! – in those temperatures, while other things that would make the compost unhealthy were burned away.

Thanks Mum. I hope I can pass on memories like that to your grandchildren too 🙂

You can read about this workshop on Mama Moontime too

Do-It-Yourself Ceremonies

Much of my work as a Civil Celebrant has been with non-legal ceremonies in the form of Naming/Welcoming Ceremonies and Blessing Ceremonies for expecting mothers. For some of the ceremonies I have been fortunate to be the Celebrant AND a close friend of the family involved, which makes the role of writing these ceremonies all the more special. For many of the ceremonies I have had the pleasure of making a felt mat, wall hanging or shawl for the invited guests to decorate and give to the person of honour.

Some people, however, prefer a more intimate and informal ceremony for their special occasion, without the presence of a Celebrant, and so wish to conduct the ceremony themselves. 

For individuals and families who would like to conduct a more intimate ceremony for their loved ones I am offering a new service: ceremonies written for you, with your input, for you to perform yourselves on the day.

I have the benefit of a rich resource of poetry, stories and ideas for ceremonies of all kinds and words come easily to me when putting together a smooth-flowing ceremony.

This offer does not include the writing of wedding ceremonies, which are legally bound to observe certain protocols, use certain words and must be witnessed by a Celebrant authorised by Australian Law. There is also legal paperwork involved that must be conducted by an authorised Celebrant. 

The ceremonies offered in this service include:

Naming Ceremonies for Adults

Naming/Welcoming Ceremonies for Children

Committment Ceremonies for Couples

Renewal of Vows

Sister Ceremonies for Young Women who have experienced their first Menstruation

House Blessings

Mama Blessings for Blessingways or (Mothers who need Celebrating!)


Basic Ceremonies ($70)

These are fully individually written Ceremonies including:

  • Poetry/stories of your choice (I have a resource of poetry from which to choose)
  • A choice of symbolic gestures for ceremonies (eg candle ceremony, sand ceremony etc)
  • Certificates for significant people (godparents/mentors/grandparents…)
  • A resource list of items you will need for the ceremony

Deluxe Ceremonies (prices vary from $140)

These are fully individually written ceremonies that come with a prepared craft activity to help mark the occasion and act as a gift to the person of honour. This might include an item such as a felted wall-hanging, a circular mat, a felted blanket, all of which can be provided with spare fleece, foam and felting needles for guests to add their own blessing and images. Instructions and safety directions for needle felting included.

Updated Workshops Page

Hello friends,

I have updated the Workshops and Celebrant listing on this website, please take moment to have a look at what I have to offer in 2010.

I no longer run scheduled workshops, but will happily arrange singular or group workshops and felting parties for anyone who is interested in learning the art of felt-making and waldorf doll-making. All you need to do is contact me via the CONTACT button at the top of this website.

Blessings to you for a peaceful and prosperous 2010,


Selkie Moon


In preparation for our next MYSHA Circle tomorrow night I have been emersing myself in the world and mythology of the selkie: the woman-seal who sheds her skin by the moonlight. More to come, with insights from our evening, in another post.


Selkie Mat finished 001
Selkie Mat
Selkie Mat finished 003
Selkie Moon Face
Selkie Mat finished 004
Selkie Moon Close Up


Our MYSHA Circles are becoming popular, we are now taking advance bookings and considering a second session.

Do you dare call your sacredness forth?


Doll Workshop at Finger Prints

I will soon be teaching a doll-making workshop as a fundrasier for

Finger Prints Children’s Centre.

We will be making limbed dolls like the one I made for my little cousin Frida:


The workshop will be held over two Saturdays and hopefully we will be able to complete the dolls in that period of time. They are complex dolls to make and the process cannot be rushed! So we will do our best, and there may be a bit of homework.

Part of the cost to make the dolls will be donated to Finger Prints and the demonstration doll that is made will be donated for a Christmas raffle.



DATES: Saturday November 28 AND Saturday December 5th

(attendance is required for BOTH days)

VENUE: Finger Prints Children’s Centre, 1 Alice Bowden Crt, Worongary, 5530 2393

TIME: 10am – 3pm, BYO food and drink for the day.

COST: $80, includes full doll kit and tuition, although attendees will need to supply their own yarn and crotchet hook for hair.

SKILLS REQUIRED: None, although a knowledge of crochet will be helpful.

The class will have limited numbers, and a $10 deposit is required to secure your place.