Lavendilly Dolls

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Lavendilly Dolls are a simple and beautiful celebration of childhood. You can make one yourself from an easy Lavendilly Doll Kit, or you can commission me to make one for you. Either way your special little one can have a lovingly handmade special friend just for them.

Commissioned Dolls

Lavendilly Dolls are a beautiful hobby for me and I do feel great joy at being able to make a special doll just for you. I will make you a doll that will last for years and be loved for a life time. It is difficult to price handmade dolls – the dolls I make are intended for playtime, rather than collecting. My Lavendilly Dolls are durable and ready for some fun and cuddles.

The materials I use for the dolls are expensive and it takes me about 30 hours to hand-make a doll … so a balance needs to be struck between honouring the effort and making my work accessible. Here are my current prices for commissioned dolls (postage is not included).

All dolls come with one set of clothes, underwear and shoes:

  • Large Lavendilly Doll (about 18 inches) $180
  • Medium Lavendilly Doll (about 15 inches) $150
  • Small Lavendilly Doll (about 12 inches) $120


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