Storytelling is my favourite art-form: it provides a modality of expression for everyone – for the writer in weaving together the right words in the right way, for the storyteller to bring the story to life in time and space, and to create community with words, for the listener who can make connections, dream and create images of their own as the story unfolds … story will forever be a part of the way I live and work.

Storytelling is an art that can be forgiven the strict conventions of writing. Shared from the heart, stories can creatively transform a mood, a moment or an experience.

For children, stories speak directly to the imagination and their innate compulsion to make sense of the world ( and have fun in the world!) through play.

For adults, the therapeutic and playful quality of storytelling can provide acceptance and clarity within life’s experiences. I explore this therapeutic quality with clients through creative enquiry in Deep Soul Story Sessions.

If you would like to learn more about the art and practice of storytelling please contact me. Look through this blog for more storytelling resources:

♦ A compilation of stories and articles on storytelling published on this blog

♦  storytelling sessions and workshops to groups of interested adults or as professional development for educators

♦  commissioned therapeutic stories for children and adults.

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