Storytelling Resources

Storytelling Articles

Storytelling for Young Children: Simple Short Stories for ‘the moment’

Spontaneous Storytelling in a Group

Storytelling with children: Stories from Pictures

Creation/Nature Stories

Why the Swamp Hen Has a Red Beak

Spring Stories (southern hemisphere)

The Dream Catcher – how the dream catcher was created



Advent Stories

Week 1: The Mineral Kingdom

Week 2: The Plant Kingdom

Week 3: The Animal Kingdom

Week 4: The Human Kingdom



Therapeutic (Deep Soul) Stories for Adults

A Day in the Temple – a day in the life of the sacred business of motherhood.

The Woman Who Went Inside – a story about the collaborative and creative process of counselling and creative arts therapy.

The Mother, The Great Mother and The Stranger – a gentle and nurturing story about a woman’s journey – and death – with cancer.

 Birth Stories and Poems

The Ringing Bell – a therapeutic birthing story celebrating the event of an unplanned cesarean birth. Suitable for reading to young children (written for a 4 year old).

The Wise One – a poem about the depth of wisdom in my newborn’s gaze

A Mother Blessed – a poem describing my experience with an unplanned ceasarean.

The Birth Dance – a poem suitable for sharing at blessingway ceremonies to celebrate the dance between child and mother during labour.

Lotus Birth Blessing – a poem to celebrate lotus bith

Rainbow Bridge Birthday Song – a song to celebrate your child’s Birth Day

Half Way – a poem describing my wonder at the journey of pregnancy

Blessings to You Little One – a poem celebrating the safe and wondrous arrival of a newborn, welcoming the little one earthside.

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