Craft: Fabric Garland

I saw the most beautiful fabric garland – a HUGE one in lots of colours – stretched across the width of the Prep classroom at my children’s school. I just fell in love with it and couldn’t help inspecting it to see how it was made: SIMPLE! One of my favourite words. Short lengths of fabric, about 2cm wide and 12cm long tied on a length of rope and pushed down nice and tight. That’s it.garland2WM

What a brilliant idea –  and what a fantastic way to use up those little bits of fabric I have stored in my craft room. I knew I was saving them for something! I bought my rope from the hardware store and tied a loop at each end (for hanging). I began tying the fabric just under the knot so it was nice and neat.


It didn’t really take that long to make and it was very meditative tying little bits of stuff onto rope. I got into the rhythm of pattern-making and colour blending and before long the garland started appearing. I put in some shiny and sparkly bits of stuff and I’m relieved to have found an alternative to tinsel garlands at Christmas this year. Every year I get tired of stepping on tinsel, vacuuming up tinsel, finding scraps of tinsel still sticky-taped somewhere months after Christmas has been and gone.garland3WM

My daughter loved the fabric scraps, and my son helped too (he even worked out my pattern), and at another time a friend began a section and we spent a happy hour talking and tying. I loved thinking about the fabric pieces that went in, and where they came from: scraps from my priestess cloak from my initiation, one of my husbands worn work shirts, fabric given to me from a friend, bits I was saving for another project that I had to be honest would never happen. Now I want to make a rainbow one, and one in various shades of colours. One for my daughters’ room, one for my son …. well, how about I just start with a couple of Christmas ones?

linden garland 3

Toddler Joy

Toddlers are the absolute masters of expressing joy at the simple things in life. Today I sat outside with her while I was cutting up strips of fabric for a Christmas garland. Of course, her response was “For me? Oh, THANK you!”

And then she dived in and surrendered to the pleasure of the fabric stash … at one point she lay down among the scraps singing “I’m swimming mum! I’m swimming!”

Oh I’ve wanted to do this many times ….!

Linden garland 1Linden garland 2linden garland 3Linden garland 4Linden garland 5