Little Sunni Chalahn – Facebook Giveaway

I am calling her Sunni Chalahn. Chalahn means rainbow in the language of the Wangeriburra, which is the language group of the local Yugumbeh region that I live in. I called her that because I am hoping to see both the sun AND a rainbow soon because all we’ve had is rain rain rain for the last few days. Not just sprinkles. Steady, unrelenting rain.

Today the water in our local area rose so much that Mudgeeraba has just about disappeared under a lake of flowing brown water. It’s very exciting and it is tempting to go and have a look, which is not really advised in crazy weather, but having said that we did have a sneak peak at our local creek.  This road is now cut off at both ends. Lucky for us these creeks empty as quickly as they overflow. Today my plans were to take the kids to GOMA (the Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane but it just didn’t feel like a good idea when I learned that at least three roads between our house and the M1 were closed due to flooding.

So today was a home day, which meant Leggo, stories, fixing up some dry space for my poor sodden chickens – and finishing the crochet on Sunni Chalahn’s dress whilst thinking sunny thoughts. The sun hasn’t come out, but the rain has stopped finally, although it doesn’t sound like it because the gully below my house, usually dry, is roaring with the volume of water rushing through it.

Bach to Sunni Chalahn though – she is this week’s giveaway at Lavendilly House on facebook. She’s pretty excited about it. You can enter too, if you want to take her home. This is what you do:

1) LIKE Lavendilly House on Facebook

2) Comment or put your name under the photo album featuring Sunni Chalahn

3) Share her photo album on your facebook page and ask your friend to Like Lavendilly House because you get another entry every time someone says you referred them 🙂

You have until Monday 30th january, 8am to enter – and then I will announce who Sunni Chalahn’s new family will be.

Good luck!

Lavendilly House on Facebook


I’ve been a part of the Facebook community for a long time now. There are times it tends to take over a bit, and I swear I will not go on ever again, and then I miss my connections and friends and the  support of a community that I can reach at any time. Like it or not, Facebook really has changed the nature of relationships and so long as I remember that it is a public meeting space I am happy to have it a part of my life. As a mother, Facebook has allowed me to reach out to my friends at times when I have felt stuck at home with my little ones, reminding me that I AM a valued member in my family and circle of friends, even if I am unable to spend much physical time with them. As a business, Facebook has helped me share and celebrate my skills with a wider community of interested people. I’ve ‘met’ so many new people and business owners, learned many things and had many laughs with people I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet before.

I’m good at, and interested in, so many different things, and have had a page on Facebook for each of them. I’ve also been maintaining a variety of blogs and have a handful of other projects going on this year. It is just one of those things I do. Too many lovely ideas and too many great ways of expressing them!! Gets a bit hard to handle after while, particularly when my philosophy is FAMILY FIRST. 2011 has been a quiet year for business and creative expressions for me for this reason. I am not sure 2012 will be much better, but hopefully more organised!

SO my point is that I now have a new page on Facebook: LAVENDILLY HOUSE, which will replace all my old pages (except for Sacred Essence!), some that I haven’t updated for a long time. LAVENDILLY HOUSE will encompass everything I do, and among the rooms in Lavendilly House you will find one for celebrations, ceremonies, dolls, felting, parenting, children … I just can’t separate them anymore. These things are all parts of a whole, all part of the bigger picture that is Lavendilly House. So please join me on Facebook. I am having competitions every week until the end of February. This week you can enter to win the felted mat pictured.  You have to like the page and leave a comment on the picture for one entry. You can have another entry if you refer a friend (and they like the page and say who sent them). It is drawn on Saturday 31st December at 8am – good luck!!