Most peaceful workshop ever …

Usually after a workshop I am absolutely shattered.

After a shocker of a day with over-tired children yesterday, and a frantic clean-up of the house this morning I was NOT looking forward to the first day of the April Portrait Felting Workshop … but it turned out to be the BEST, most peaceful workshop ever.

I feel rejuvenated. I feel so very calm and so very centered. I feel energised.

This is because I allowed the creative process to unfold in the time it needed, and because I was in the presence of three peaceful creatrixes who just got down to it and created!

Read more about it at Lavendilly Fibre Arts, and stay tuned for photos! Part 2 of the workshop will be next week.

Yum yum!

Today’s job was to upload all the colours of merino and corriedale fibres on to my Lavendilly Fibre Arts website.

Mmm! I am drooling!

The colours are so yummy-sounding, it sure works up an appetite for felting!

I have most of them in stock right now and I just love looking at all the beautiful rolls of fleece in my workroom.

One day I’ll be able to display them as if they were in a lolly shop … which is where they belong!!

The new face of Lavendilly Fibre Arts

I’ve spent the whole day slogging it out in blog-land today … and although it is certainly not my favourite past time I am happy with the results!

Please go and have a look at my ‘new-look’ Lavendilly Fibre Arts Blog.

I have added Pay-Pal buttons to the site to make it easier to book your place in my felting and doll-making workshops.

I am wondering how to transfer my fleece sales to this blog too … there must be a way!

In the meantime fleece is still available for sale at Lavendilly Fibre Arts Shop.

Fortnightly Felting at Lavendilly House

I am offering a more convenient and affordable series of workshops for next term:

Fortnightly Felting at Lavendilly House

Nuno – Resist – Hats – Slippers – Bags – Wall Hangings – Meditation Mats – Play Mats – Needle Felting

I used to offer fortnightly felting on a pay-per-project basis the year before last and it was lots of fun and very casual.

This time I am offering every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, over TERM 2 ONLY (!), for a term fee.

You will be able to:

– choose the projects you wish to work on
– have access to a wide range of fleece colours
– bring your children (under 5 years of age – places are limited and must be booked)
– work with company (felting is so much more fun this way!)
–  make at least four projects for the price of three

For details and bookings please visit my Lavendilly Fibre Arts Blog

Felt-Making with pockets

On Sunday I facilitated a Basic Felt-Making workshop at a peaceful home in The Gap.

It was a creative, quiet, child-free morning together and with such a small group we could proceed at our own pace, with  lots of time to spend laying out our fleece and planning our designs.

We all decided to make mats with resist pockets in them, either for play, or store special treasures.

For a ‘how-to’ lesson on felting with resist pockets, please visit my post at my Lavendilly Fibre Arts Blog for pictures and details.

Felting Projects for Giveaway

Here are some photos people sent me in response to the giveaway offer for a fleece angel kit of a mushroom kit!

Thank you for sharing them Rebecca and Sara! Please let me know which kit you would like.

There are still kits left – please send photos if you have any!

This is Sara’s fairy land play mat:


And a beautiful piece she made at Mama Moontime’s CREATE and LOVE LIFE course:

Here is Rebecca’s beautifully embellished Dragonfly Journal Cover:


Yes, it is an act of shameless self-promotion.

If you are considering booking a felting party at your home, here is an incentive:

The next person to book a felting party for a special occasion, or to organise a private felting workshop with a group of friends, will receive a needle-felting pack worth $20. This pack includes a foam block, 1 felting needle 300g of corriedale fleece in rainbow colours! It is a great starter pack for needle felting.

Happy Felting Everyone!

This is what I have been doing recently …


Peaceful Priestess

Peaceful Priestess








Needle felted Matryoshka Dolls

Needle felted Matryoshka Dolls


Triple Spiral Meditation Mat

Triple Spiral Meditation Mat


Rainbow Meditation Mat

Rainbow Meditation Mat


Owl Meditation Mat

Owl Meditation Mat


Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Tree


Selkie Moon unfinished

Selkie Moon (Unfinished)


All of these are for the Goddess Conference this weekend.

Except the selkie, of course … it is a shame she is not finished, but there is another purpose for her I think.

Peaceful Priestess and Crone were laid out almost a year ago and have been waiting all this time to be felted.

Medusa is also another oldie, but I feel it is time to say goodbye to her now.

Thanks to Donna, Rebecca and Melissa for your help during the last two weeks.

Thanks to Mother JoieDeVivre for the inspiration for the Rainbow Mat 😉

I have a few more goodies but they will be posted next time.

Oh for another week!

I have heaps more ideas that want to be made!

Creative Expressions – felted meditation mat and beautiful banner

I was going to post about the baked beans I made yesterday – but then thought it was about time I shared some of the non-food-related creative things I have been working on. Recently I have let go of a few things in my week which has allowed me a more relaxing space to be creative at home and I have found my inspiration returning. Welcome back!

This is a work in progress. It is a banner for Mikailah’s LilyWomyn journey. It is a very special piece of work and I am relishing the opportunity to flex my creative muscles, which have slackened some-what from recent lack of use. It is also quite large and I am just sinking my teeth into this project  and savouring every moment I spend on it.

mikailah's banner 004  mikailah's banner 005  mikailah's banner 011  mikailah's banner 014  mikailah's banner 017  004


As you can see by the progressive expansion of fleece strewn across the floor in each photo, I have completely taken over my children’s playroom, using the only table we have that is large enough to accomodate this piece of work. It is 2m wide at the moment and I am counting on it to shrink enough to be easier to hang!

So glad I have a table this big 🙂

So sad, it is on loan 😦

The figure crouching in one of the photos is the beautiful Briony, who was also busy felting a meditation mat:


A lovely, peaceful, creative day.

I have more work to do on the banner yet – at this stage it is ready to wet, soap and roll. Once it is felted I will work some more on it, adding more detail with a felting needle and stitching some embellishments on, as well as adding the words for the banner. The inspiration for the flower border came from earlier work of mine, Persephone, which you can view in my gallery.