A 2-Gift Christmas

The rain has fallen steadily this Christmas. Our home is surrounded by bush and runs down to a gully and from every window we have the serene view of glowing and glimmering green foliage plus the sound of rain falling on our metal roof and the water gathering flow in the gully. It has been very relaxing – just what I was after this Christmas.

I had a flood of orders for doll kits this Christmas and it was beautiful to think of all those children who would be receiving hand-made dolls as gifts. Some kits would have only arrived just before Christmas as I was a bit delayed by the late arrival of some supplies and then a surprise chest infection (more than likely triggered by the mould that is thriving in this damp weather!) I’m pretty well healed now, but I’m doubly grateful for the relaxing Christmas we created together with our families.

With all that sewing to do for other people, and then getting sick, I was getting a bit worried that I would run out of time to make the gifts I had intended for my own children this year. If you’ve been reading my previous posts you’d know that I had decided not to give any Christmas gifts to anyone else this year, just the children. Not even my husband. It was a very freeing decision and I know that everyone understood my reasons why. I’ve been able to spend more time with the children and less time fretting over my Christmas list. In my mind I’ve already started thinking of what I might make people next year, but it was really nice to have a year off.

So after a rather surprising 2-day fever I arose, sat down at my sewing machine and finished the last of my orders before starting the children’s presents. I finished them both in record time with the help of my husband (don’t you love a man who sews?). He put the finishing touches on the first one while I worked on the second.

Here’s the first one: a Rural Fire Brigade jacket. Daddy cut the reflective strips from an old uniform of his and I sewed them on to a jacket that I made (I actually used a pattern!). I ended up over-estimating the size, but that doesn’t seem to matter … it is going to be well loved anyway I think ๐Ÿ™‚


The next one was overshadowed a bit by the longed-for mermaid drinkbottle that was also in the gift bag (I don’t use wrapping paper – last year I found some cotton Christmas placemats in an op shop and I sewed them into present wrapping bags). After some long drinks from the bottle the mermaid got lots of attention though:

She’s got seaweed in her hair and a string of shells around her neck – which has since broken due to some pretty rough spinning around – they came loose with a fantastic spray of beads – but at least the doll has survived that test, with the exception that the hair cap came a bit loose (but that was my hurried stitching the night before and easily repaired, and if I were to be swung around several times in a circle I’m pretty sure my hair would come loose too!). The necklace can be fixed with some stronger line but after that dizzying experience I am reassured of the strength of my doll kits ๐Ÿ™‚ All my dolls are child- tested first, and – YES – you will see the mermaid pattern available as a doll kit on etsy soon enough! I want to adjust the pattern a bit first.

What was most beautiful to see though was where her doll was lovingly placed: cradled on a moon bed in the arms of Mother Selkie.