Living in Inspiration

I feel a bit like a neglectful mother – and this blog is my poor neglected child! I’ve missed you lavendilly!

I’ve been busy lavishing my attention over at Sacred Essence – a place that is currently the wellspring of inspiration for Melissa and I. We are taking our women’s circles to a new level and providing resources through our blog so that women who cannot attend our circles can share in the growth and expansion that happens as a result of all this inner work we are doing together. Another bonus is for women who were able to attend will also be able to continue feeding their inspirations until the next circle, so in the meantime they can have a play with the ideas and projects we began, and together we may return to the next circle ready to expand a little more!

You can find on our blog a copy of the story Sir Gawain and the Loathely Lady, along with an interpretation and a record of our experience with that story, also a beautiful prayer to Self that we adapted from one written by Marianne Williamson, and a little about our beautiful crowns we made.

Our return to circles this year happened last week and I’ve been buzzing ever since. I invite you to pop over to Sacred Essence to read about what we are doing together – and in a moment I will be putting up a post on how we made our beautiful crowns so that you can make one to! Just keep checking back … the post is written …. but the camera isn’t being cooperative and doesn’t want to take any photos for me 🙂

In a shameless attempt at self-promotion, we have the opportunity for you to follow our Sacred Essence blog via email – and we are also on Facebook, as I cannot seem to wean myself from this very convenient form of connection with other people – I might as well use it for some good purpose! We’d really love to share our experiences with you, and would love your feedback also. If you would like to attend our next circle it will be on MONDAY 9TH MAY at 7pm – straight after Mothers Day …. can you guess the theme for our next circle??? haha! That’s right! We will be celebrating motherhood!

In the meantime I have something exciting to share with you about recent experiences with children’s behaviour at home … and strangely (and totally co-incidentally) this came up in conversation during our last circle too! So my next post here will describe the activities of my own gallant knight, Sir Kaelan and his chivalrous deeds.