I’ve been spending most of the weekend working on my Lavendilly Fibre Arts business, which has sorely needed some love and attention!

Lavendilly Fibre Arts is my online store where you can buy all the materials you need for your felting – a great range of coloured fleece, felting needles, books … and also workshops where you can learn how to felt.

It has been a slow process going through the products on the site – it has been so long since I looked at it that I had to learn how to use it again! But now I have my workshops sorted for the year … and a product update will come soon. In the meantime the site is still active and you can still order your favourite colours of fleece and felting needles online or contact me through this website for your supplies. The fibres are sold at lower than recommended retail price … I keep my prices low to make your felting addiction affordable! (Ok, yes … that is a catch-phrase!)

I’d like to share with you a special kind of felting workshop that I just love preparing – FELTING PARTIES!!

I’ve been doing these felting parties for the last 12 months – mostly for blessingways or bridal showers. Such a lovely way to catch up with your friends and enjoy a creative afternoon together 🙂 I bring all the materials that you need, and you provide the space, the refreshments and the great company!

To book your felting party for your next special occasion, go to LAVENDILLY FIBRE ARTS – or contact me right here at Lavendilly House!


There are three options for felting parties:


Within your group of friends you can work individually on a small felted item such as a scarf, bag or small felted picture. This is easily achieveable within a 3- or 4-hour party and each person has something to take home with them.

Minimum 4 participants, Maximum number depends on the space available

Cost – $15 per person.

Extra petrol costs may apply for venues beyond the Gold Coast.



This option is perfect for the special occasion where there is a guest of honour, who will receive a unique gift made with love from everyone at the party. All guests work together to decorate with felting needles an item that Jennifer has prepared for the party. This item could be a shawl, blanket, wall hanging, floor mat or child’s play mat.

While some guests are taking turns to decorate the felt, the others help Jennifer to pamper the guest of honour with a foot scrub, facial and hand massage!

Minimum 4 participants, Maximum 15 participants

Cost – $100 for the materials and activities. This cost can be paid up front or divided between guests.

Extra petrol costs may apply for venues beyond the Gold Coast.



Jennifer McCormack is also an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant and is able to prepare an individually written ceremony for your special occasion. This beautiful ceremony precedes the felting and pampering activities for a memorable day the guest of honour will recall forever.

For more information about Jennifer’s Celebrant services, please visit Ceremonies With Spirit.

Minimum 4 participants, Maximum 15 participants

Cost – $150 for the materials and activities. This cost can be paid up front or divided between guests.

Extra petrol costs may apply for venues beyond the Gold Coast.

Do-It-Yourself Ceremonies

Much of my work as a Civil Celebrant has been with non-legal ceremonies in the form of Naming/Welcoming Ceremonies and Blessing Ceremonies for expecting mothers. For some of the ceremonies I have been fortunate to be the Celebrant AND a close friend of the family involved, which makes the role of writing these ceremonies all the more special. For many of the ceremonies I have had the pleasure of making a felt mat, wall hanging or shawl for the invited guests to decorate and give to the person of honour.

Some people, however, prefer a more intimate and informal ceremony for their special occasion, without the presence of a Celebrant, and so wish to conduct the ceremony themselves. 

For individuals and families who would like to conduct a more intimate ceremony for their loved ones I am offering a new service: ceremonies written for you, with your input, for you to perform yourselves on the day.

I have the benefit of a rich resource of poetry, stories and ideas for ceremonies of all kinds and words come easily to me when putting together a smooth-flowing ceremony.

This offer does not include the writing of wedding ceremonies, which are legally bound to observe certain protocols, use certain words and must be witnessed by a Celebrant authorised by Australian Law. There is also legal paperwork involved that must be conducted by an authorised Celebrant. 

The ceremonies offered in this service include:

Naming Ceremonies for Adults

Naming/Welcoming Ceremonies for Children

Committment Ceremonies for Couples

Renewal of Vows

Sister Ceremonies for Young Women who have experienced their first Menstruation

House Blessings

Mama Blessings for Blessingways or (Mothers who need Celebrating!)


Basic Ceremonies ($70)

These are fully individually written Ceremonies including:

  • Poetry/stories of your choice (I have a resource of poetry from which to choose)
  • A choice of symbolic gestures for ceremonies (eg candle ceremony, sand ceremony etc)
  • Certificates for significant people (godparents/mentors/grandparents…)
  • A resource list of items you will need for the ceremony

Deluxe Ceremonies (prices vary from $140)

These are fully individually written ceremonies that come with a prepared craft activity to help mark the occasion and act as a gift to the person of honour. This might include an item such as a felted wall-hanging, a circular mat, a felted blanket, all of which can be provided with spare fleece, foam and felting needles for guests to add their own blessing and images. Instructions and safety directions for needle felting included.

Another Beautiful Mama Blessing

Have you attended a Blessingway ceremony before?


A blessingway is a beautiful ceremony to honour the transition from pregnancy to birth and motherhood. It focuses on nurturing, supporting and honouring a pregnant Mama, but also with the fun and festive atmosphere of a Baby Shower. The ceremonies I offer in my capacity as a Celebrant are known as Mama Blessings and are unique for each Mama, but always involve the giving of blessings from special womenfolk, either in form of words or gifts and a communal creative activity to make a meaningful gift for the Mama.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending another beautiful blessingway ceremony, and this time I was there as a guest instead of facilitator, which was sooo nice! The ceremony was written by our Mama-friend’s daughter and also by her close friend, and I helped with some felting at the end. This time I had prepared (with some help!) a mat for baby to play on, and each person present helped to decorate it with needlefelting.

Among the ceremonial proceedings was a binding ceremony where each woman spoke of her wishes for Mama’s birth and journey to motherhood, kind of like the 12 fairies each giving their gifts of wisdom to Sleeping Beauty. As each woman spoke her blessing she wrapped a yarn around her wrist or ankle until we were all joined by the same yarn, in sisterhood with our Mama-friend. We will wear this yarn, or keep it in a sacred place until we hear her labour has begun. Then we cut it to help Mama with a free-flowing labour and birth.

It is symbols like these that are so meaningful and so powerful and so simple that create the biggest magic. Our beautiful Mama sat there quietly accepting all the heartfelt gifts.

A blessingway ceremony is nurturing for the Mama, but everyone else leaves feeling loved and richer for the experience too. What a wonderful opportunity to honour the special moments and people in our lives.


Blessing Briony

This weekend I helped my friend Briony celebrate her first pregnancy and initiation into motherhood with a Mama Blessing.


It was pure joy from start to finish!

I wish I had handed my camera over to an appointed photographer in the beginning. I always forget to take photos.

Later on my camera was discovered and passed around, but photos of the actual ceremony didn’t happen.


We began by stating our connection to Briony, as her Sisters honouring her journey into the realm of motherhood.


I am Jennifer

Daughter of Peggy

Granddaughter to Elizabeth and Marie Therese

Mother to Kaelan and Rosella

and a “Sister of Briony”


Next we shared our offerings and blessings to Briony and began a ritual of Motherhood Initiation.


Then a feast of delicious foods, a nuturing and pampering session for Briony.

Briony was a willing participant and women were lining up to gift her a massage!

Recipes for foot/hand scrubs and facial mask can be found here

The avocado facial mask was so good it could have been used for dip afterwards!



While this was going on we were also busy creating communal gifts from our hearts.

Painted squares of calico to become a quilt for baby:


A felted meditation mat for Briony, perhaps to become a play mat for baby later on:



Good friends. Real blessings.


Relaxed Mama Briony, on a high from feeling loved.