Craft: Pressed Flower Fairies

In the beginning of the term I went for a walk up at Mt Tamborine, one of my favourite places, to gather some of Mother Earth’s fallen Autumn bounty: in this case, leaves and petals. I found some wonderfully large maple leaves, which have been lots of fun for the children to dance around with, rose petals, golden cassia petals, golden trumpet flowers, old man’s beard, grevillea leaves and smaller maple leaves. I took these home and pressed them for a few weeks in our phone book by laying them carefully flat in the pages and then laying a few heavy weights on top of the phone book to keep them all flat.

Inspired by a very beautiful book that I was given many years ago, Fairie-ality: The Fashion Collection from the House of Ellwandin which the most exquisite clothes have been created out of pressed flowers, bark, feathers and leaves, I couldn’t wait for my own pressed flowers to be ready. I wanted to make some greeting cards with Autumn fairies dancing!

It was worth the wait. It was several weeks before they were dry enough to take out. Some of them had faded in colour, but I think that adds to the Autumnal feel 🙂

Here are a few of the pretty fairies that emerged when I brought out the pressed flowers at playgroup. I provided a cut out silhouette, some card, glue and Fairie-ality  for inspiration, and set the mums free –  this is what happened: