Sacred Essence: Shining Some Light On the New Year

I am excited! Our first Sacred Essence Women’s Circle has crept up on us and it is THIS WEEK!

Our monthly women’s circle is going to be held on Thursday evening this year – every SECOND THURSDAY of the month. Mark those Thursdays in your calendar now, so that you can plan to come, particularly if you need to arrange some babysitting.

Every day is a great day to set new intentions and goals – however there are times of the year that just seem to call out for the broad vision – a clear description of where we want to be by the end of the year and how we are going to get there. Everyone needs to do this. I am not talking about resolutions. New Years resolutions have never worked out for me, because just saying “I am going to do this” makes you feel great at the time, and inspired for a few weeks, but unless you have a plan in place to help you achieve that, then how do you keep the momentum?

One of my favourite quotes is ‘will power, like the brain, is like a muscle – it is strengthened with exercise’. I am not sure where I heard that but it is a reminder that stating our dreams and visions is the first step, but unless you take a step every day you can’t walk towards that vision.

So this will be our focus for our first circle of the year, and we’ll be doing this creatively within a reflection of the energy, inspiration and passion that the SUN brings to us. After our program of yoga, meditation, story and reflection we’ll be playing with collage – creating our own beautiful sun mandalas as a visual representation of our intentions for this year. Do you have some burning desires that need your focus? Do you have a lack of passion that needs firing with energy? Do you (like me!) have too many wonderful ideas for this year that need some focus? Come and join us, come and play in the company of women and sacred ceremony. This one is for you!

Go to Sacred Essence for more details and to follow our sacred work with women.


Silkwood School Moonlight Prep Room

39 Shepherd Hill Lane, Mt Nathan, Gold Coast

7:00 – 9:00 pm,

$20 or $45 for three sessions