Things in our garden …

I just posted some of the places in our garden that the children (and I!) are enjoying at the moment. Here are some more of the things we like to have and do in our garden … what I love about this is that we can add anything we are interested in and change anything that is old. We can care for things and play with things, and learn about soil and home and country and the stories that working in the ground unlocks. We can let our imaginations go …















Places in our garden

We have been in our house about three months now. When we began renting here our normal suburban backyard was grass and mulch just a few shrubs. After six weeks of rain our backyard was grass and lots of weeds. Our playgroup began pulling the weeds out and little spaces began forming in my imagination. Our garden has been so much fun to develop and my children have been involved every step of the way. We now have a herb and flower garden, a veggie patch, a pea tipi, outdoor weaving loom, a place to relax in the shade … oh and lots more. Our garden is still growing new spaces and I’ll show you more as it grows. Here are some of the ones that have popped up in the last month:








Celebrating Play: Simple holiday fun, OUTSIDE

This Christmas holiday break has been WONDERFUL. Nothing else to do except play with family and potter about at home. Christmas brought some fun new focus to play in the form of some wonderful new playthings, but most of the time we’ve been outside enjoying our environment with friends and family.

There has been some of this:

beaches, creeks, swimming pools - water seems to be the key to happiness in summer!

and some of this:

These three can spend hours shifting rocks ... I seriously considered giving them rocks for Christmas 🙂

lots of this:

pottering about at home

and a bit of this:

Red Riding Hood is loving the variety of public parks at the Gold Coast


A pile of sticks

Last week I took the children to a playground in Landsborough for a quick run around. We’d seen this playground from the road each time we headed up the hill to Maleny and always meant to go there. In the end it was a bit of a grown-up playground: the monkey bars were very high, the slide was accessible only by scaling a  high and nearly vertical wall with a metal chain to hold on to. The balancing beam was also a bit high and scary for people who have only short legs … there were some swings and another slide (with ladder) off to the edge of the playground, so that is where we spent most of our time … until the bundle of sticks was spotted.

He didn’t even say anything. He walked right up to it and got to work.

Within moments it began taking shape.

And it was just too intriguing to stay away … so he made a path with left over sticks for walking around …

and around … all the way around the tree …

what else could one do except follow the path?

… the three-year-old provided the singing to keep the work moving along …

An hour’s worth of wonderful and fulfilling play … with a pile of sticks.