Solar Eclipse: The Moon Kissed the Sun

When I was a very little girl I wrote a story about Princess Moon who was in love with Prince Sun, and yet they very rarely crossed paths in the sky to meet each other. That little story came back to me this morning with joy as I watched the moon cross in front of the sun during the solar eclipse. Finally Princess Moon could kiss Prince Sun ๐Ÿ™‚

It really felt other-worldly when the moon completely covered the sun and the light and temperature dropped significantly. The hot sunny morning suddenly felt as cool and dark as dawn, and with the spirals of smoke drifting up from the bush across the road from last night’s Rural Fire Brigade training, I did feel like I had been transported somewhere else for a moment.

It was hard to describe what was going on to the children, or to share with them what a rare event this actually was, and how lucky we were to be in a place where it could be viewed, at least partially. We were watching the progress of the moon through a pin-hole camera made by poking a little hole into a piece of paper and angling it so that the sun shone through the little hole and projected its image on to another blank piece of paper. Confusing to describe and a little awkward to hold. I wish I had a welder’s mask so I could go outside and stare at the sun.

How do you tell your children that the moon is moving in front of the sun and then tell them not to look at the sun?ย  The pinhole camera wasn’t a very satisfying experience – and fortunately we remembered we had a big telescope in the corner of the living room, so out it came and we focussed on the sun through that. Much better! The actual complete eclipse we watched on the internet while we enjoyed the strange drop in temperature.

Then after that excitement was over my husband and son began experimenting with the pin-hole cameras …. marking lots of pinholes in the paper he wrote words, spelled out with lots of projected eclipse images ๐Ÿ™‚

My son’s pinhole camera is a tribute to one of his local heros, the RACQ, who have come to assist us a few times when some part of our car has given up while we’ve been out and about.