Surrounded by Green

Surrounded by green

feeling the peace

in a space where I can


Inside and Outside

encompassed by Love.

And when the lonely place reminds me

of the other side of Life

the separation and retreat can be a place of

Reflection and Healing

and a space to Breathe.

Alone in my Space

Surrounded by Green.

Knowing I can step out

At any Time.


My Book: A Mother Blessed


I’ve been wanting to do this for years and years! Ever since my first baby turned one, and I wrote a poem for him that my friends turned into a song – and my good friend Deirdrie Cullen took such touching and breathtaking photographs – I’ve been wanting to combine my writing and the photos into a book that celebrates birth.

I’ve had some fun playing with to put the book together. There are a few photo-book programs available now and I have found it MUCH better than scrapbooking! All the photos of my family are going in to photo-books now. You receive a professionally bound book and it feels so awesome to hold this in your hands and know that you created this wonderful thing. I took photos of a book that my son and his school friend made together and turned that into a book for them too. Published authors at 8 years of age! He was so proud of himself.

This book, “A Mother Blessed” contains a collection of my poetry about birth, put together with some amazing photos and images of my fibre art. You’ll have seen some of it here on this blog over the years. I think my favourite one so far is “The Wise One”. There is also (of course) “A Mother Blessed”, a poem about a birth that didn’t go the way I thought it would. The whole experience of birth, mothering and watching my children grow has been very humbling and this book is an expression of that experience.

I am so grateful to everyone who gave me information and support along the way, to help me birth well – no matter how the birth evolved in the end. So grateful that I will donate 100% of the sales from this book to Homebirth Queensland until Christmas time. It is truly a lovely gift for any mother, and if you know someone who is birthing soon, or who is still in the midst of wonder in this experience (as I am still -eight years later!) you may like to share this book with them. You can view a preview of the book, and purchase it here at this link: The book is available for sale as a pdf, softcover and hardcover so there are a few available options there. Please share, and help an organisation that supports so many women to birth with wisdom and support.

Random Rumi: I and Thou

Blessed time! when we are sitting,
I and thou,
With two forms and only one soul,
I and thou.
Fragrance, song of birds, they quicken ev’rything
When we come into the garden,
I and thou.
All the stars of heaven hurry
to see us,
And we show them our own moon,
I and thou-
I and thou without words, without
I and thou-
In delight we are united,
I and thou.
Sugar chew the heaven’s parrots
in that place
Where we’re sitting, laughing sweetly,
I and thou.
Strange that I and thou together
in this nook
Are apart a thousand miles, see-
I and thou.
One form in this dust, the other
in that land.
Sweet eternal Paradise there…
I and thou.

The Wise One

I have finally finished my Luc Bat poem  .. and maybe it isn’t finished, but it will do for now. It was inspired by Linden the Listener, but this is a photo of Rosella, who would look right at, and into, your very being -and you knew she was connected to something Greater than all of us. Linden is still there in that place of wisdom, but as she now sits by herself and goes to the places she wants to see, all by herself, and I am seeing her drift away from that place. I guess, in this poem I am trying to say that we are all still connected, and that our life’s work is to remember the things we forgot when we grew up.

The wisdoms of the world:

Compressed within my girl’s deep gaze,

Drifting in the sweet haze

Of all the dreamy days since birth.


She’s arrived on this earth,

Knowing all there is worth to know,

And in her eyes it shows:

From life times long ago, she brings

The ancestral teachings

And angelic blessings of Love.


And the sweet haze, above will lift,

And from Heaven she’ll shift.

And from Wisdom she’ll drift down here,

Forget Love, and learn Fear.

But deep within she’ll hear, always

The Wise One’s voice: it says

“Love comes when the heart prays and sings

And to Fear you’ll find Love clings

Small One, you know these things: you’ll thrive!

Through your life you will strive

To keep Heart’s Love alive and not

To lose what you forgot.”


More fun with words: Luc Bat poetry

I’ve been sitting in a sunbeam with my notebook, a pen and a slumbering baby in my lap. A steaming cup of tea by my side, and a gentle breeze wafting by with delicious smells of lavender, wattle, simmering stock and tonight’s chicken and lentil casserole. Heaven.

I am writing poetry.

I’ve always enjoyed playing about with words and finding good combinations of words to express exactly what I am thinking, feeling, remembering, creating … and while (or perhaps, because) English is a bit of a silly language really, it is good to take a moment to have some fun with it.

For the past year or so I’ve been working my way through Stephen Fry’s book The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking The Poet Within. It was actually my husband who introduced me to this book as he was part of a small and elite writing group who met fortnightly to try out the poetry forms in the book. Now, they had fun with words, but I’ll have to ask them if I can share some of their poems with you …

I know you are all aware that I don’t have any trouble writing down my thoughts! I do have trouble with economy of words, and that is one of my new goals in writing, but I don’t usually have much trouble putting little poems together. Today, however, I am at a loss. I am not sure if it is the form I’ve picked or the thought I want to express …

I am trying out a Luc Bat, which is a Vietnamese form of poetry. Stephen Fry reckons it is easy, but I’ve been battling with this poem for a couple of weeks now.  The lines of this poetry form follow a rhythm:

first line: 6 syllables

second line: 8 syllables,

however the 6th rhymes with the last syllable of the previous line,

and the 8th introduces a new rhyme

third line: 6 syllables,

with the 6th rhyming with the 8th of the line

fourth line: 8 syllables, as for second line

and so on …

This is  Stephen Fry’s example:

Luc Bat is rather cute

It keeps the mind astute and pert

It really doesn’t hurt

To keep the mind alertly keen …

You’ll know what I mean

When you have gone and been and done

Your own completed one

It’s really rather fun to do

Full of subtlety too,

I hope that yours earn you repute.

Hmm … it certainly does keep the mind astute and pert, and the one I am writing is so full of subtlety that even I am not sure what it is about now! And whether this interests you or not, I’ll keep you informed of my progress 🙂 For those who read my blog for the posts about birthing and babies then you’ll like this poem, once I have finished wrangling with the words and beats within it!

She came back to me …

I lost my Muse for a while … welcome back lovely lady!

Where the Muse takes you …

Slipping away

Wafting on the breeze

light as a feather

lifted with ease

carried away on the tide

Smooth as silk

Dreaming with eyes open wide

Into another world

Where anything is possible

And all ideas are


Money is no object

And neither is time

This is the place

Where wisdom supports new ideas

take flight on fledgling wings

In-spirit-ing inspiration

Gifts from the fairy realm

For you to make of what you will

To use or save or work on moment by moment

For leadership, creation, encouragement

for others to see things

Through your eyes

Jennifer McCormack, June 2010

Random Rumi #7

You think to make your living from tailoring,

but then somehow money comes in

through goldsmithing,

which had never entered your mind.

I don’t know whether the union I want will come

through my effort, or my giving up effort,

or from something completely separate

from anything I do or don’t do.

I wait and fidget and flop about

as a decapitated chicken does, knowing that

the vital spirit has to escape this body

eventually, somehow!

This desire will find an opening

from – The Essential Rumi

Random Rumi #6

I felt overdue for a bit of Rumi


Don’t run around this world looking for a hole to hide in.

There are wild beasts in every cave! If you live with mice, the cat claws will find you.

The only real rest comes when you’re alone with God.

Live in the nowhere that you came from, even though you have an address here.

That’s why you see things in two ways. Sometimes you look at a person and see a cynical snake.

Someone else sees a joyful lover, and you’re both right!

Everyone is half and half, like the black and white ox.

Joseph looked ugly to his brothers, and most handsome to his father.

You have eyes that see from that nowhere, and eyes that judge distances, how high and how low.

You own two shops, and you run back and forth.

Try to close the one that’s a fearful trap, getting always smaller. Checkmate, this way. Checkmate that.

Keep open the shop where you’re not selling fishhooks anymore. You are the free-swimming fish.


The Essential Rumi

All Things in Life Form a Circle

 This thought was given to me from a friend I worked with several years ago. I do not know the author, however today it was the subject of my meditation in the early hours of this morning and I would like to share it:

I do not live here alone.

Each breath I take affects the air all around me.

Each word I utter falls on someone else’s ears.

That which I touch is felt by another.

That which I do will certainly affect another.

We never know how far-reaching something we say or do really is … until it returns to us.

And it always does.

All things in life form a circle, whether we see the circle or not.

Take time to listen to your inner guidance, within yourself … discover inner peace.

It is there always … in all ways.


Random Rumi #5

Time to take a little moment out of the fast-paced lead up to christmas … Ah! Rumi…
I think you describe the spirit of christmas better than anyone I know … still it is beyond words.



from The Essential Rumi

Your intelligence is always with you, overseeing your body, even though you may not be aware of its work.

If you start doing something against your health, your intelligence will eventually scold you.

If it hadn’t been so lovingly close by and so consistently monitoring, how could it rebuke?

You and your intelligence are like the beauty and the precision of an astrolabe.

Together, you calculate how near existence is to the sun!

Your intelligence is marvelously intimate. It’s not in front of you or behind, or to the left or the right.

Now try, my friend, to describe how near is the creator of your intellect!

Intellectual searching will not find the way to that king!

The movement of your finger is not separate from your finger.

You go to sleep, or you die, and there’s no intelligent motion.

Then you awake, and your fingers fill with meanings.

Now consider the jewel-lights in your eyes. How do they work?

This visible universe has many weathers and variations.

But uncle, O uncle, the universe of the creation-word, the divine command to Be, that universe of qualities is beyond any pointing to.

More intelligent than intellect, and more spiritual than spirit.

No being is unconnected to that reality, and that connection cannot be said. There, there’s no separation and no return.

There are guides who can show you the way. Use them. But they will not satisfy your longing.

Keep wanting that energy with all your pulsing energy.

The throbbing vein will take you further than any thinking.

Muhammad said, “Don’t theorise about essence!” All speculations are just more layers of covering. Human beings love coverings!

They think the designs on the curtains are whats being concealed.

Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent.

Or say, “I cannot praise You as You should be praised. 

Such words are infinitely beyond my understanding.”