Keep the blessings going …

I made this wall hanging for myself. It is me in the middle. Above and below me are my beautiful parents. They have their parents either side of them, and so on for generations. Each one of them is a part of me. Each one of them gave a gift to me. Each one of them has a story and it doesn’t matter that I don’t know what their story is. They are a part of me and they walk with me even though they may no longer be here.

I love being in the middle. Anyone can be in the middle. It is a comforting thought, spending time in gratitude for the gifts of my ancestors.

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about our ancestors, and how to honour them within ourselves, and within our daily lives. Spending time with the ancestors makes you realise how short our life span is, and how wonderful our journeys of learning are throughout our lives. Creating the wall hanging above was a very deeply moving experience that left me feeling super aware that I carry the gifts of those who have walked before me. I carry them and use them every day.

But you never know when those ancestors are going to call you to their world. Very recently, my own uncle was called, and after a while, he answered. He is now one of my ancestors. The friend of a friend was called too, leaving his wife and three children behind. And now a little boy in my school community. He hasn’t answered yet. Please send blessings/prayers/positive thoughts/ hopes to these people. He has a whole lot more living to do and the power of prayer can not be underestimated.

**update – the little boy was called. There is now a beautiful and peaceful garden in his honour at this school. He has been farewelled with grief and grace from his community. **