Celebrating Play: The Straw Bale Fort

30 bales of sugar cane mulch were delivered to our house last week.

10 of them didn’t make it on the garden.

Yesterday these little monkeys somehow managed to stack them up and build themselves a sugar cane mulch igloo.


They worked together for the entire afternoon to stack these heavy bales on to their wagon and wheel them down the drive. They have a sliding gate, a clothesline and today they built a garden out the back.

In the morning we made some felt together and my son was complaining about how he wasn’t strong enough to do all the rolling (you’ll see his efforts in a post soon!) I suspected he was just a bit tired and bored … now I know for sure! Strength and perseverance, it seems, increases when one is interested and motivated in the task. I have trouble lifting those bales on my own. I can’t imagine how they managed to do it. I just love how purposeful play brings our kids together and allows them to rise to challenges in ways that I cannot structure as a parent.

This house is too much fun – we are going to have to buy some more mulch for the garden …