Kiora has a new home

The raffle for little Kiora, our newborn doll, was drawn today. She has a new home to go to, with lots of snuggles and cuddles from her new family on the Gold Coast. She will be going to the home of Sarah, Yuii, Mae and Saffron. Congratulations!

Kiora plays in the sun

The raffle raised $330 for Treena’s breast cancer treatment. I will be making the donation early next week and will post the receipt once the donation has been made. I thank you so much for your ticket purchases and your good will, and to all those who shared the doll raffle so that others could find out and buy tickets too.

I will be doing another doll raffle in early 2014, so you will have another opportunity to be in the draw for a sweet Lavendilly Doll friend.




End of the Doll Drought?


Lots of Lavendilly Dolls were born here a few years ago – and then my third child was born and all my energies went into her magical presence, along with her brother and sister. I was asked a few weeks ago if I could make a doll for a special little girl and I thought, “Hooray! It’s time for another Lavendilly Baby!”


Here she is. Sewing with a two-year-old is not necessarily a very productive experience! My little cheeky bubba ensured I made her a new doll of her own by smearing the first one with a bit something – so that has become hers and I had to start again to finish this little dolly, keeping her up high out of tempting reach for little arms when I wasn’t working on her. And then only working on her when my toddler was asleep, which was difficult as we keep the same hours these days. I don’t think I’ll be making many new dollies before Christmas, but I did enjoy bringing this one into the world. I love the bright colours of her clothes – all recycled fabric that I kept for something special like this. Her hair is soft fluffy mohair and her fringe doesn’t want to behave, but who’s hair does what it is supposed to do? She’s keeping it real. All the same, she will probably get another little trim before it is time to go 🙂

Welcome little one. What is your name?

Repairing Old Dolls: Baby Rosie is reborn

Recently my daughter has become quite tender and loving towards our collection of dolls. She is spending lots of time talking softly to them, and listening to them and making them comfortable. It has been an absolute pleasure to observe her play with the little people who have been in our playroom longer than my daughter has been alive. Baby Rosie is at least three times older than my daughter.

I am not sure how old Baby Rosie is – maybe 12 or so years old? I think maybe even older. She was made a long time ago as a preschool baby at Silkwood School, and I brought her home to give her some repairs. Then I had babies of my own and time escaped me … and Baby Rosie had become a part of our family and our children’s lives and she still wasn’t properly repaired.

The children have always loved her as she is. Her balding hair and her faded skin and her loose limbs were just a part of who she was, and children are remarkably acceptable of such shortcomings. I did re-attach her limbs several times but I never used the right kind of thread. Once I even used dental floss because I didn’t have any other thread strong enough! I did always mean to fix her bald spots too … but you know how it is. It just never happened.

Baby Rosie, however, had been whispering to her newest mother and was telling her how sad she felt about not having a mouth (you know dolls do not really need mouths to speak to the people who love them – communication is achieved through the heart), so when Baby Hans had his arms and mouth and hair repaired, it was clear that Baby Rosie needed immediate attention too.

 Here she is, all pretty again. I really did want to maintain Rosie’s original stitched fleece hair (particularly as I wanted to do a tutorial on how it is done!) but I couldn’t find the same colour fleece. I did have a similar colour yarn though, one of those fluffy yarns I found in a discount store. It didn’t cost any more than $2. It is synthetic fibre, however it is so soft and fluffy and I have found that it crochets into a beautiful hair cap for baby dolls, and looks as much like real baby hair as yarn is going to.

I think it still captures the essence of Baby Rosie, and she seems happy with it. Her original hair is still under the cap and maybe one day it can be restored.

My daughter picked out a rose-coloured thread for the mouth, and together we gave her some pink cheeks with a bit of crayon rubbed onto a bit of paper. Her arms and legs were firmly re-attached with linen thread (it was funny to find the dental floss in her limbs that I’d used previously!) Doesn’t she look happier?

Baby Rosie now goes everywhere with my daughter, and when I slung our (real) little baby up on my back to go to the park, Baby Rosie needed a sling too. We improvised by making a baby wrap with a really long scarf … but guess what Baby Rosie received for Christmas?


Jundi Lavendilly goes bush

This is Jundi Lavendilly. She was born here in the bushland of Bonogin, and feels so connected to this land. However, as it happens to all of us, she is ready to leave her bush home and go walkabout with some new friends … we must say goodbye to our loved ones at some stage, eventually …

Jundi’s name connects her to her place of birth: it means ‘true’ in the language of the Yugambeh community of the Gold Coast. She is also connected to the land with her amber necklace – authentic prehistoric amber beads to affirm the life sense and bring balance and radiant good health.

You can find Jundi at ETSY and read a bit more about her at Lavendilly House. You can also visit Lavendilly House to find out how to make your own doll with an easy Lavendilly Doll kit.





A new little baby

This little one has gone to market with Melissa.

This one nearly made it to the markets with Melissa.

Forgive the nakedness … but I love a naked baby 🙂

And so now this little babe needs a new home … Although I fear perhaps the parting will be challenging …

Can you give this baby a new home? For an $80 adoption fee, this little one could come to you – and you will not only have a new little one to love, but also have the satisfaction of having helped Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation, because I will be donating the total ‘adpotion fee’.

Rest assured I will make sure this little baby is fully clothed before the adoption 🙂

Use the Contact form on this website if you are interested.

Updated Workshops Page

Hello friends,

I have updated the Workshops and Celebrant listing on this website, please take moment to have a look at what I have to offer in 2010.

I no longer run scheduled workshops, but will happily arrange singular or group workshops and felting parties for anyone who is interested in learning the art of felt-making and waldorf doll-making. All you need to do is contact me via the CONTACT button at the top of this website.

Blessings to you for a peaceful and prosperous 2010,


Doll Making Fundraisers

If you are looking for a fundraiser idea for your kindy or community group, I would be pleased to teach doll-making to help you raise funds!

$10 deposit from each doll made will go to your organisation, and the demonstration doll that is made will be donated to your organisation for a raffle.

Limbed Dolls(large): $80

Limbed Dolls (medium):$60

Limbed Dolls (small): $40

Dolls for Babies: $40

Costs include all materials except yarn for hair, and dolls clothes (although patterns for clothing are provided)

Choice of pale or dark skin tones available.

For ease of preparation and teaching I will make only one type of doll per fundraiser.

Evening and weekend workshops are available.

Please contact me via this website or on 0401442455 for bookings.


Doll Making Workshops in February

I’m offering more doll-making at Lavendilly House in February 2010.

Classes will be held in Nerang (Gold Coast) over three or four Wednesday mornings, 9:30 – 12:00, starting the first Wednesday in February.

Cost for Doll Workshop are $80 to make a large – sized child or baby doll. The cost includes all materials except yarn for hair, and doll clothing, although I am happy to provide simple patterns for clothes. This is an excellent price, as these dolls retail for around $120 – $160!!

It is easier (and faster) to make the dolls in a child-free environment. Please try to arrange child care for thes session. If you cannot, then contact me and we will see if we can arrange an evening workshop.

I require $10 to book your position in the workshop, with the remainder payable on the first day. The deposit for each doll will be sent directly to Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation, as will the demonstration doll, which can then be sold or raffled to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.

Places are limited so please use the Contact button at the top of this blog to book your place in the workshop.

If you would like to commission a special doll for a loved one, please also contact me and we can discuss how your doll will look. It would be a pleasure to make such a special gift for you. Commissions for large dolls begin at $100.


Meet Sally

As I have patiently waited out a period of illness, I have still been busy! I have piles of layed-out felt ready for the time when I have enough breath to roll them, but in the meantime I am sitting quietly and working with my hands.

And here is a little person who emerged in this space of quietness and stillness: meet Sally.

I wish Sally could stay and play with us at Lavendilly House, but she is off for grand adventures at Finger Prints Children’s Centre as I am donating her to the kindy for a raffle to find a new home with a loving family, or for a classroom doll … or for wherever Sally feels she will be of most use.

I had fun making her clothes, although you can tell I was so eager to take her picture that I haven’t ironed them yet. She even has a pair of undies on under her jeans, and I wish I had a cute top like that one. She needs some shoes, and a little knapsack to keep some treasures in. Perhaps that will be tomorrow’s task.

I am still trying to work out how to make these dolls without such a great volume of hair. Sally’s has some lovely mohair mixed through it which was very thin and soft.

Thank you for keeping me company Sally!