Sacred Women’s Circle : Essence

Melissa has written a beautiful post about our most recent sacred women’s circle. There isn’t much more I can add, except perhaps to post later on some of the thoughts that have begun developing since our evening. Head over to Real Life Dreaming and have a read about how we used the story of the Apple Pip Princess by Jane Ray to explore our own inner essence. Melissa has also posted the words to her latest song that came to her in inspiration for this evening we spent together.

Peace in our Imperfection

Our 4th Women’s Circle is to be held next week:

This circle will be light-hearted and peaceful, with the sharing of a very beautiful and uplifting tale, and the exploration of another beautiful moment in water colour … in peace and joy, as befits the season.

You are very welcome to attend, please let me know if you are able to.

Melissa and I look forward to seeing you there:

Monday 11th January

7 – 10pm

SIlkwood Steiner School Prep Room



Monday night Women’s Circle



Monday 14th we will have our 3rd women’s circle. The theme for this one is NURTURING OURSELVES. Come and enjoy a story, some beautiful music, a little bit of dancing and some gentle self-nurturing activities. I PROMISE we will be finished earlier than previous nights!!

We really do need to know if you are coming so please book by sending me an email via the contact button on this website or my number if you have it. It helps us plan, and if it looks like we will have too many people in the group we will run it for a second time so that we can all be comfortable in the group.

Circle begins 7pm on the dot (so please arrive a bit earlier than that)

Moonlight Prep room at Silkwood

With many blessings,


Selkie Moon


In preparation for our next MYSHA Circle tomorrow night I have been emersing myself in the world and mythology of the selkie: the woman-seal who sheds her skin by the moonlight. More to come, with insights from our evening, in another post.


Selkie Mat finished 001
Selkie Mat
Selkie Mat finished 003
Selkie Moon Face
Selkie Mat finished 004
Selkie Moon Close Up


Our MYSHA Circles are becoming popular, we are now taking advance bookings and considering a second session.

Do you dare call your sacredness forth?


Living the fairytale

Melissa and I initiated a Women’s Circle last night ,

and it was a








place to be. We lived a woman’s life time in fairytale time. The story unfolded in ways I hadn’t thought of – and themes emerged that I also had not considered. For my own part I was grateful for the insights I witnessed and received. From the traditional fairytale of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” came threads of


finding and expressing our courage

trusting our sense of inner direction

allowing people to help us on our way


transforming responsibility into joy

budding, blossoming and fruiting


A gift of words that I gave to another woman became a gift that I also gave to myself:

” What you give out to the world will come back to you.

Accept the gift you give to yourself.”

We sang Melissa’s divine music, listened, shared, received and created through painting, drawing and words.

Our Circle continues again next month. If you would like a little taste of what is to come next time I will give you one word to play with over the next month:



Mama Moontime

My friend Amber Greene, aka “Mama Moontime” is beginning her new Mama Moontime Club next week.

There is a competition on her website for one term’s free enrolment!

Just go to her website and leave a comment.

The term begins on October 7, and runs for 10 weeks, on Wednesdays in Mudgeeraba, on the Gold Coast, Qld.


Mama Moontime Club - Things for a Beautiful Life


Here are seven reasons you’ll love the Mama Moontime Club!


1. You’ll be challenged to flex your thinking muscles- and find delight in the ordinary and everyday things. 
2. You’ll learn a heap of fun new skills and you’ll be able to make gifts for your loved ones using these tools
3. You’ll begin to guard your creative flame and hold it so dear, you won’t be able to live without it! Your heart will soar!!
4. You’ll have BIG FUN with a whole bunch of fabulous, exuberant women- just like you!
5. You’ll walk away every night with a whole lot of things to think about, and at least one (but oftentimes, more than one) thing you have created with your own hands! 
6. You’ll keep a journey journal and in a few months, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you have come!
7. You’ll be inspired to reach for your own dreams and make them a reality- with the support and love of your own Mama Moontime Creative Tribe!