Jennifer McCormack


Lavendilly celebrates the beauty and wonder of our everyday lives: through story, art, ceremony and reflection. I began sharing my journey of motherhood, parenting and womanhood here on this blog – never dreaming that so many others would identify with my written reflections. It has encouraged me to keep writing, to keep sharing, and to encourage others to share their stories too.

I also offer this space to connect with you professionally. My work is beautiful, gentle and creative. Sharing it with you feeds my creative energies too. My passion is currently manifesting through the potential of storytelling: as an opportunity for self-reflection, learning, sharing experiences, building community, and its use in therapeutic forms. I have written many therapeutic and nature stories for children and adults,and have been  a parenting writer and facilitator of parent education and early childhood professional development since 2007.

Lavendilly House is also the home of Numala Kinder, an early childhood program for little people to celebrate their creative selves and to connect with their natural surroundings.

Enjoy this blog: do make use of the “SEARCH” function on the right-hand side: look for things like recipes, crafts, dolls, natural parenting, poetry, meditations, story, advent, motherhood …  There is a little of every thing at Lavendilly House – and from here, ALL my various work has flowed, opening many more rooms in Lavendilly House ever since.

2 Responses to Jennifer McCormack

  1. Madeline says:


    I am very interested in your work. Where are you located? I live in Vancouver, BC

    Thank you,


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